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General Mach Discussion / Another help request.
« on: August 13, 2012, 07:06:20 PM »
Yes, yet another help request.

I have a C10, Rev 8 parallel board. I am adding a SSR to Output pin 1 and GND.

When I test the C10 Output it tests 5.22 VDC on my multimeter and that is reaching the SSR, yet the SSR does NOT switch the device on/off.

Now, when I connect a 6VDC battery to the input of the SSR the device turns ON when connected and OFF when disconnected as it should.

I am missing something here. The Mach3 pin assignments are correct (pin 1) and when I press cycle start the line goes High (5.22 VDC) and reset goes low (0 VDC) but nothing happens with the SSR. I have tried this with a C8 card and a OPTI22 25amp SSR. Both the same.

Being a Mach newbie any help would be greatly appreciated!

I email Arturo with my wiring diagram and he said it should work.



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