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I'm having a strange issue that I'm not sure how to fix. I'm doing an ingraving with G code generated by BobCAD/CAM. I've engraved and cut one part, and I'm now trying to do the mirrored reverse of that same engraving and part. I used the same CAD drawing, mirrored it across the Y axis and generated the G code. But Mach3 loads the code, doesn't generate the toolpath and stops at the first line that has a G17 in it. Two lines exist with G17's and when I click on the G code display in Mach3 it just jumps back and forth between the two G17 lines. I'm assuming it's indicating a problem but the same G17 lines exist in the mirrore reverse and that G code loads just fine. Anyone have any suggestions on what to look at?

General Mach Discussion / Problem with XBOX 360 Pendant...?
« on: November 15, 2009, 01:29:29 AM »
I purchsed a wired Microsoft XBOX 360 controller, followed the instructions and installed the XBOX 360 Controller Pendant and it works great! However, now that I am using the controller to position X0,Y0 and Z0 and attempting to cut, I've found an issue that I'm not sure how to fix. My G code does a G53 Z0. then a G53 X0, Y0 at the beginning of the file and before each tool change. Strange thing is, when I postion Z using the Pendant, it appears to be saving the distance moved with the pendant as a offset of some kind on the Z axis because when I start the program and it goes to G53 Z0. It continues past Z0 to some random depth that seems to be realted to the amount I moved the Z axis with the controller, then moves back up to my Z rapid height of .1 and cuts. If I move the Z axis using Mach Jog, I don't seem to have the issue. Is there a setting somewhere that is causing the Z axis movements to be affecting offsets in Mach?

I'm cutting a pumpkin out of wood on my CNC router. I didn't do the DXF file on my CAD, I got it from someone else. When it cuts the teeth of the pumpkin the machine moves in tiny circles as it cuts each line segment in the teeth. If I look at the DXF file the teeth look like straight lines but they are made up of tiny line segments. It appears that when it is being cut the router cuts a tiny line segment, circles around and cuts the next line segment, circles around again to cut the next segment and so on until it completes the line instead of continuously cutting the individual line segments. I've seen something similar to this before but only when I had line segments with directional arrows pointing opposite directions when I generated my G Code for the chain causing the machine to cut one line segment in the opposite direction while cutting a chain. I don't have this issue this time. I'm using BobCAD 21 to generate the G code. When I simulate it in BobCAD it cuts as I would expect it to. It doesn't cut that way when Mach controls the machine. Anyone know what might be wrong? I had been playing around over the last week with Backlash compensation and thougth that might be causing some issues but I have the same issue when it's turned off. Any help woud be appreciated.

I have a 4'x8' DynaCNC Router and I have oval shaped circles. I've adjusted the gear racks for the X and Y and have minimized the machine backlash but I still get circles that are visibly not circular. I tried to configure Backlash Compensation and used the youtube video posted by Hoss Machine. I set all the settings, checked the enable backlash checkbox and restarted Mach3. The circles look exactly the same with Backlash turned on as they do with it turned off. I adjusted the settings to .07 on X and Y (alot of Backlash) still no change. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? The machine cuts fine otherwize. Just want to tune the backlash out as much as possible. I'm using version 1.90. This is a Stepper motor table using CandCNC controller.

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