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I have a 15 tool changer and a tool probe.  I have written macros that do the tool change and set tool offset.  But when I try to put the tool change macro inside another macro - all **** breaks loose.  Is it a matter of using the proper entry and exit sequences?  Or will it never work.  I could of course make a giant macro that does both - sets all 15 tools.  But it would be nice if one macro could call another.

First, I used search (unsuccessfully) to see if I could find if someone has done this before.  I have a CNC router running Mach3.  67x66x11 inch x,y,z.   It has a 15 position rack type tool changer at one edge that holds ISO 20 tools for its 3HP atc spindle.  So I have a tool change macro for it that seems to work.  I also have a tool height setter at one end of the tool rack.  Has anyone already written a macro to auto set all of the tools in the rack?

SmoothStepper USB / Problem w/ USS initial write of XML
« on: April 13, 2013, 02:17:53 PM »
Ok, my system is XP SP3.  I am using SS 17F, USB driver 2.08.28, and I have tried Mach3 build 66 and 67.   AMD mobo with dual core processor, Nvidia graphics card.  The problem is that I cannot successfully write the initial XML file.  If I try to set the parameters from the pull down menu, I get a write error on exit - with a low byte count.   If I then reboot, nothing is stored.   If I accept the default parameters, I go into hourglass and never come out.   Click on the e-stop reset locks up M3 and I can't kill it with Task Manager.  Suggestions?

General Mach Discussion / Status of Galil Integration w/Mach
« on: February 14, 2009, 04:49:28 PM »
Maybe this is the wrong forum, but I am interested in using Galil servo drives.   What is the official status of the Galil drivers/plugins?   Is anyone using dual encoder inputs (servo) on a Galil/Mach3 setup?  What do you give up, if anything, by going with Galil hardware?  Tnx in advance.

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