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General Mach Discussion / 4th Axis problem need help
« on: February 01, 2011, 09:11:29 PM »
I have a problem with "A" axis.
I connected my rotary axis "A" for the first time.
In general configuration I have "A" axis as angular.
I enabled the "A" axis  and set the steps per as my other axis for now.
But when I energize the servo motors instead humming sound and steady position on all axis (X Y Z) my "X" axis went on and run the table to the limit but the "A" axis didn't move.
When I disconnected the 12 pin plug from the rotary axis "A" and re-energize the servo motors, both X and A axis went on and they were running wild.
I don't understand why X is responding that way.
In pin ste-up  have  X 2-3, Y 4-5, Z 6-7 and A at 8-9 

When no "A" axis is connected everything works fine , no problems. 

Any suggestions ?

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