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General Mach Discussion / Unable to connect to CNC
« on: August 25, 2009, 11:25:40 AM »
I'm new at this and know this may sound stupid BUT...  I purchased a cnc machine (router) last year and Mach 3 but was unable to use them due to work and health reasons until now.  The CNC machine (ROUTER)is homebuilt but was checked out using Mach 3 before being shipped to me.  My PC is running on XP, when I went to connect the CNC to the PC, nothing happened.  I went through the manual and tutorials but could not get the two to communicate (I believe).  Here is what I set up:
1. Checked the COM Port address: 03F8 - 03FF   Changed MACH 3 port to 0x3f8 (also 0x3FF)
2. Set motor pins to those specified in CNC setup provided by CNC seller (X=2,3; Y=5,6; Z=8,9) I also double checked them by physically looking at pin connections inside controller.
3. All the MAX NC modes are disabled
4. I also checked the new cable with an ohm meter and all the pins check out good.
5. When the CNC Machine is in standby mode, the motors are warm and the Y motor is warmer than the other two (can't explain this)
Is there something I forgot?  Is there a test plug available to check out the LPT port to be sure the data is coming out of the PC?

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