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In Mach3:   Config -> Homing/Limits.... there is column "Auto Zero" with checkboxes.   I set them to OFF (red X).    But after a homing is complete, they are set to a green checkmark.
It appears the homing macro always sets them to greenCheckbox.

When exiting Mach3, the .xml is written correctly: M0AutoZero>0</M0AutoZero><M1AutoZero>0</M1AutoZero> etc etc
But any home operation sets the checkbox to enabled.

Anyone have any ideas?

General Mach Discussion / Mach3 using SSD harddrive.... any problems ??
« on: December 09, 2011, 09:59:36 AM »
Does anyone know if there are known problems with using Mach3 on a machine booted from an SSD? 

I am using XP;  normally SSDs and XP don't mix too well, but the SSD in question is a Kingston V+100, which has automatic "garbage collection", so it apparently works well with XP.
I am also using a smoothstepper - not sure if this makes a difference.

General Mach Discussion / Sherline Mode kills Output#1 - why??
« on: November 29, 2011, 11:45:38 AM »
I'm having missed steps problems, and want to try Sherline mode.

When I enable Sherline, Output#1 (which is my coolant) ceases to function - the physical pin is always stuck low (.063v).  Mach's Diagnostic page shows Output1 toggling properly, even though the physical pin is not.

When I disable Sherline, the physical pin toggles fine.

Output#1 is the only output I use (other than Motor pins, which seem fine); I didn't try the other outputs.

Any ideas ?

Using Mach 03.043.053

I use VB scripts.   If there is an error (syntax or otherwise) in the script, you don't know until you try to run it.

Trouble is, if your script is part of a Gcode program, and Mach3 encounters a script compiler error, Mach3 continues on to the next G-code command as if nothing happened.   Chaos ensues.

Some of these errors may be deep in a branch of code which rarely gets executed, and so are difficult to catch.

How do I get Mach3 to Estop if it encounters a vbscript error??

General Mach Discussion / Display Spindle Temperature on Mach3 ??
« on: May 17, 2010, 12:41:05 PM »
I have a USB temperature probe, which writes the temperature to a textfile every 10 seconds.

I want Mach3 to:
1)  read the temperature from the textfile and display it in a DRO every 10 seconds.
2) estop if the temperature exceeds some setpoint.

Any ideas how to do this?    I'm fluent in vbscripts.

Maybe the answer is obvious, but danged if I can figger it out.

From within g-code (NOT a vb script):  How do I set the DROs in Mach3, the same as if you'd clicked on them with the mouse and typed in a number by hand?

General Mach Discussion / BUG? M01 and Toolchange doesn't stop. Sometimes.
« on: February 16, 2010, 04:21:05 PM »
Very occasionally, I boot MACH3, load a program which has worked perfectly umpteen times before, yet MACH3 decides to ignore all M01 and Txx.   Very bad.  Drill through the table kind of bad, cuz the wrong tool/jig/humanoperator is installed.

Yes, GeneralConfig has the proper checkmarks at "Stop at all toolchanges" and "M01 optional stop".

Seems others may have had the same problem:

Any ideas?   ???

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