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I have searched around a little, but havn't found an answer. Sorry if this is a redundant question.

I am getting a new PC that will be use to run a K2 Milll/Plotter with Mach3.

I need to be able to run Agilent Vee Pro on the same machine as I am going to use it to control the Mach3 software.

I know that the Mach 3 docs state that you shouldn't have other things running like virus protection etc, but this was written back when computers were much slower.

My question is this...

If I get a new, modern, PC with an I7 processor, will I be able to actually run mach3/Plotter and another program at the same time? I would also like to have a virus protection as well because that is the only way my IT guy will let me put this computer on the Network, which I need to be able to transfer files etc. But at a minimum, I would need the Mach 3 and the Agilent Vee running at the same time.

General Mach Discussion / Interfacing Mach3 and Agilent Vee
« on: August 06, 2009, 10:33:01 AM »

I have a strange question to ask. Has anyone here had luck using Agilent Vee to interface with Mach3? We have a K2CNC machine that is controlled with Mach3. I would like to be able to control the machine (through mach3) using Agilent Vee test software. I was hoping that there might be someone here that has done something like this.

Any advice would be apreciated.

If you don't know what Agilent Vee is, it is software for controlling test equipment that is a lot like Lab View.

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