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General Mach Discussion / Motion controllers - Take me to school
« on: August 29, 2017, 02:33:05 PM »
Hello Guys,

I have been doing a lot of research on closed loop steppers / hybrid servos and I am confused as to how all this interfaces with Mach3. It looks to me that each stepper servo has an encoder and a separate motion controller card example: 3 motors, 3 cards. Now does there need to be a separate driver board to interface the 3 cards to to a pc where as the driver board is the middle man? Does a parallel port still need to be used? USB? If you are using external controllers/drivers, are you now free to use any 64 bit operating system?

I am currently using a Sherline mill, Sherline steppers, Sherline 3-Axis stepper controller using the LPT printer port. I have been considering upgrading to the closed loop system.

General Mach Discussion / My drill wont drill!
« on: May 29, 2011, 05:19:44 PM »
Hey guys, I'm having a problem with drilling operations. The drill will go to the proper x,y locations but it wont plunge, it just stays in the clearance plane and goes from location to location. I have included the g-code its a simple small bracket that has four holes set to drill .1" deep the material is .09" thick.

The code is generated from visual mill 6.0 and my machine is a Sherline 5400 inch. It will mill without any problems, for some reason the drill operations don’t want to plunge.

N1 G00 G49 G40.1 G17 G80 G50 G90
N2 G20
N3 (Standard Drill )
N4 M6 T2
N5 M03 S1500
N6 G00 G43 H1 Z1
N7 G01 X0.3954 Y0.5986 Z0.1000 F3000.0
N8 G00
N9 G81 X0.3954 Y0.5986 Z-0.19 R0.01 L0.0
N11 G00 Z0.1000
N12 G81 X0.7234 Y0.9266 Z-0.19 R0.01 L0.0
N14 G00 Z0.1000
N15 G81 X0.7234 Y0.2706 Z-0.19 R0.01 L0.0
N17 G00 Z0.1000
N18 G81 X1.0514 Y0.5986 Z-0.19 R0.01 L0.0
N20 G00 Z0.1000
N21 M5 M9
N22 M30

Thanks for any help at all.

General Mach Discussion / DXF Symbol for drill? Anyone... Anyone???
« on: March 28, 2011, 09:16:52 PM »
Hello Guys,

Been breaking my self in to this new hobby, literally! I broke another endmill. I need to think twice and cut once. Anyway, does anyone know if you can use a drawing symbol that mach3 would interpret as a drill point?



General Mach Discussion / Why is the tool length important to mach3?
« on: March 25, 2011, 08:55:29 AM »
Why is the tool length important to mach3? When you jog down to the work piece and Zero the Z axis it knows were the tip of the tool is. The only thing I can think of is that when you are using multiple tools, you don't have to re-zero after each change. Am I right?

General Mach Discussion / Am I loosing steps?
« on: March 13, 2011, 10:26:47 PM »
Hey guys,

I have a sherline 5400 inch mill with sherline stepper motors and driver. The pc I am using is an IBM ThinkPad T43 with 2ghz processor and 512mb ram running Windows XP with no extras. I did a complete format of the hard drive and installed a watered down version of XP. I did install the following drivers: Audio, Touch pad, wi-fi, and Oprera web browser so that I can check the forums, check documentation or anything else I may need. I went into the bios and turned off power management and processor throttling which fixed my jogging problem. After starting mach3 the motors would jog fast then slow down before editing the bios.

I do have a question with the stepper motors: x,y and z seem to thump once or twice when jogged the full lenght of travel but I don't notice any difference in accuracy. how much is one lossed step equal to in distance? when I grip the motors when jogging, you can feel as well as hear a bump/thump. what is it? is that what happens when a step is lost?

I am still learning. Thanks in advance.

Hello guys,

I have the lockdown version of Mach3 and I don't see anywhere where you can import DXF files like the manual describes. Was this feature removed? if so, why?

Hello guys,

Last night I installed my CNC upgrade for my 5400 Sherline mill. After spending a few hours figuring out how to get the motors to run because I didn’t know what I was doing, I spent another several hours tiring to get the homing and soft limits to work properly, my fault there too. I got everything working good except one more thing. Why when I have 5" travel in the Y-axis does the DRO show double digit numbers? right now I have a value of 35.00 for the Y-axis even though that’s not the full length of travel, but for purpose of understanding I set it to 35.00, when I thought it should be 5.00". Its like the motors are moving 0.1" instead of 1.0".

Do I need to calibrate the motors or to tell mach3 what an inch is?

General Mach Discussion / Softlimit settings
« on: January 24, 2011, 07:59:42 PM »
Hello guys,

I have been playing with Mach3 trying to familiarize myself with the various menus and settings. There's a lot of settings! Anyway, In the motor home/soft limits dialog window it says "entries are in setup units". My units are set to inches but it appears that it is asking for mm values? It has to be mm because 100.00" would be over 8 feet long! that’s one huge milling table!

General Mach Discussion / Sherline Soft Limits
« on: August 07, 2009, 09:46:22 AM »
Hello guys,

I have been messing around with the soft limits and I really don't understand it. It seems for the Z, no matter what I choose, it has no effect that I can tell. After each change, I run the roadrunner.tap file and watch how the spindle moves and it seems to always behave the same. the only difference I can tell is how far down it travels but the direction it moves seems the same. In other words, when it is expected to move up, it does, when it's expected to move down, it does, regardless my settings.

Another problem I see is when zeroing the maching, the Z moves after the X and Y have zeroed, this will break a tool for sure.

NOTE: I am only looking at the display window. I don't have the machine yet. Perhaps I'm not seeing this properly.

Here is a screenshot of my settings:

Can someone with a  with a Sherline 5400 mill share their settings?

Thanks for any help.

General Mach Discussion / Problems with display mode
« on: August 03, 2009, 09:15:34 PM »
Hello guys, I'm new to Mach3.

I have been trying to play around with the software in offline mode and I have a few issues. The first problem is trying to understand what the heck the display mode is doing. The cross hair seems to disappear and hard to locate at times. When I jog the cross hair, and then click zero for x,y, and z, it seems to snap the cross hair back to the bottom right corner instead of to the jog position I drove to. I tried zeroing with machine coordinates button turned on as well as off with the same result. Here is a screen shot of the display window.

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