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New USB JoyPad plugin version 2.0

This is a major release with a lot of new functionality and improvements. The focus has been on simplicity – making it real easy to set up and use.

The list of news is long, but here are some highlights:

  • Step jogging with joysticks.
  • Continuous jog scaled by Jog Slow Rate.
  • Easy switching between continuous and step jogging.

  • Easy button assignment via JoyPadSetup Windows program.
  • Standard templates (button layout) for common machines:
    Foam Cutter, 2 Axes Laser Cutter, 3 Axes Milling, 4 Axes Milling and 5 Axes Milling.
  • Simple button hardware mapping for different game devices.
  • Build in support for common Mach functions.
  • Buttons works even when Mach is running GCode.
  • Build in support for safety buttons (Safe and Alt buttons).

  • Macro code (Script) now in single file, M800, for easy code reuse and setup.
  • Mach engine state, pressed button and safety buttons state available in M800.
  • Macros can be run in any engine state.

  • New improved User manual version 2.0.
  • Support for most Windows game devices.
  • No dependencies on current screen or screen set.
  • User defined templates (layouts) can easy be shared with other users.
  • did I mention it is free...   :D

The complete list can be found in the User manual.

To install JoyPad version 2.0 plugin and setup program, download the RAR file JoyPad_Plugin_2.0.rar, containing the following files:

                      JoyPad User manual 2.0.pdf  JoyPad User manual version 2.0
                      JoyPad.m3p                          JoyPad plugin version 2.0
                      JoyPadSetup.exe                  JoyPad button definition and template program version 2.0

Please make sure that you first read the user manual.

Most of your questions regarding installation and usage will be answered here.
This version was developed along with Nader Atifeh in a joined project.
Nader has done a fantastic work on making templates, graphics, User manual and a lot more.

Please take your time to test it and share your experiences with others. I will also keep a record of the bugs, requirements, suggestions for improvements and enhancements for the future version. Minor bugs will be fixed, but don't expect a new version within a short period  ;).

This version could be used for most users and for a long period of time.

Any question about this plugin should be posted to this thread. I and Atifeh will try to answer all your questions in this forum, but encourage everyone to participate in answering questions.

It is after all a “Spare Time” project along with other projects, so don’t expect fast response…

Hope you will find this plugin useful, and, be safe.

The USB JoyPad and game devices plugin now supports SmoothStepper (SS) besides the parallel port (PP).

The plugin and user manual can be downloaded from Finished Plugins for Download:


and its free  :D

Thanks to Lee Davis (Xbox 360 plugin) and Greg Cary (Warp9TD) for great help during development.

- area51

The USB JoyPad, joystick and game devices plugin has been updated to version 1.0.

News in this version:
  • Now supports SmoothStepper version 1.2!
  • Now with User manual!
  • New example button VBScript macros!
  • New rewritten internal state machine!

Download the plugin, user manual and example macros from this post (bottom).

The JoyPad plugin supports most DirectInput (Microsoft DirectX) game devices with joysticks and buttons. The game device can be connected via the game port, USB or wireless.
I have tested with the Dual Action JoyPad from Logitech but I know other game devices will work as well.

In short the JoyPad plugin supports:
  • It is free!
  • Control of up till 6 analog/digital axes.
  • Control of up till 16 buttons.
  • Control of one Point of View (POV or HAT).
  • Button function is programmed as VBScript (Marc3 macros).
  • Each axe can be scaled, inverted and mapped to any Mach3 axe.
  • Precision jogging is obtained with third order scaling of the absolute stick position.
  • Single or simultaneous multi axe jogging.
  • Besides Mach3 and Windows there is no need for extra software.
  • Works with Mach3 Parallel Port (PP).
  • Works with SmoothStepper version 1.2 (SS).

Tested on Windows XP SP3 but I assume that all newer Windows versions will work as long as Mach3 supports them.

Special tanks to Lee and Greg Cary for the help making the SmoothStepper jog code work.

JoyPad_1.0.zip - The plugin - unzip and double click to install.
User_manual_1.0.pdf - The user manual.
Macros_1.0.zip - ZIP file with button macro files and VBScript examples.

Hope you find this plugin useful  :)

- Joakim

Finished Plugins for Download / Free USB JoyPad plugin
« on: August 14, 2009, 11:41:54 AM »
Looking for a USB JoyPad plugin to Mach3?

Maybe the solution is here...

I have for some time been looking for a plugin to my "Logitech USB Dual Action JoyPad", but didn't find it (maybe I was looking the wrong places...).
As a software architect and developer I decided to develop my own plugin.

The plugin should support:

  • at least 4 axes for jogging
  • low and high speeds for jogging
  • safety button to prevent accidental activation
  • easy configuration of button actions using VBScript
  • easy to use

The plugin is developed using the Mach SDK 2.6 in C++, MFC, Visual Studio 2008 and uses only standard Windows components - no need for additional software. C++ is not my preferred  programming language (C# is) but it was fun and a brush up on early days C++ skills.
Now the plugin has reached a state where it is usable, so I decided to publish it in this forum - there may be others looking for a JoyPad plugin (as I did).

The JoyPad plugin is free and "as is" (ie. no support and guaranty).
If you like it, find errors or have suggestions, please let me know.

I have attached the plugin dll and read me files in "Mach3_JoyPad_Plugin_beta.zip" and the read me file "ReadMe.txt".
Instructions for usage and installation is found in the read me file.

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