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General Mach Discussion / Single pulse capacitance sensor selection
« on: February 05, 2015, 02:44:52 PM »
Spindle sensor 1

   As a rookie, I have gone through several selections of single pulse spindle sensors. Optical and fast, inductive capacitance and slow.
     My optical sensor I used along time ago in mach was capable of seeing 20k rpm in mach,but there is the contamination issue.
 I cannot do the optical because contamination, the capacitance sensor I am now using is  slow and only detects upto 600 rpm the. Goes to zero above 600 rpm. What would it take to get mach to see 4000rpm?

The sensor that I am using is an Autonics
Pnp, normally open, 800hz

I am comfortably using a small 7/8 diameter disk magnet as my trigger and this is about all I can add to this pulley comfortably. So not really desiring to change the pulse, is there something I can do in reselecting the sensor.

How about normally closed sensor?
Would this change the behavior of mach3 to get the pulse detection faster if it were to pull down the voltage to zero when triggered make it faster?

Thanks for your help with this,


General Mach Discussion / 1 mdi move only and reset
« on: January 10, 2015, 05:26:29 PM »

I am going through a new setup. My kflop is working properly through kmotion cnc, but as I migrate to mach3, I am seeing some issues.
My problem is only one motion command works through mdi (actually moves xy or z). My second entry and any entry thereafter will be ignored.
To get out of this situation, I have to software reset, and then it will accept only 1 mdi move command again. It happens in both g0 or g1.
During this state, if I randomly hit 'zero' as in one of the axis, I get a message 'no zero while running'.

If you have any insight as to why mach3 ?, may be holding onto... Still running... An operation when it has clearly stopped, your insight would be appreciated. How to find out what it is holding onto?running?

Having to reset every mdi command is not happening in kmotion cnc, I have gone through reinstalls, created new profile, and really simplified to find a solution to this.
I am on the most current release of licensed mach3.


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