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One on one phone support. / Phone Support Please
« on: October 29, 2012, 08:06:49 PM »

We've been having a couple issues with a fresh installation of Mach3 on a new machine. After reading through many posts and submitting a couple of our own we've had no success fixing them. We need to get this resolved ASAP. More info is below:

1. Z-axis levels are not being displayed in Mach3 viewer, all Z-axis paths are flat on X-Y plane. They appear fine on our other Mach3-Gecko machines.
2. Mach 3 suddenly stops running 1/2way through G-code program (same place each time)


System Info:
Intel Atom D2700 Mini-ITX
Windows 7 32-bit
Parallel port pre-installed
Xylotex control unit and NEMA 23 motors
Mach3 was installed following Win-7 directions from Forum


Mach Screens / HELP! Z-Axis is Being Flattened out onto XY-Plane
« on: October 05, 2012, 05:42:16 PM »

We just set up our third Mach3 CNC machine, a Mini-Mill driven by a Xylotex box, the computer is an Intel Atom with Windows 7 32-bit and a native Parallel Port. We installed the memroyoverride.reg as outlined in previous posts for using Mach3 on Vista/7. G-code is being generated by MadCAM in Rhino with minimal issues on other machines before.

Today we opened the first G-Code on the machine in Mach3 and we've run into something we've never seen before and are having trouble finding the cause. I spent the second half of the day trolling the internet for a solution but nothing yet.

The problem is the G-Code in Mach3 is being flattened out onto the XY plane. It looks fine in Rhino and on the other machines (images attached) but it's smashed flat in the Mach3 running the new machine. I'm sure we just missed one of the zillions of settings to make it work correctly, sorry in advance if it's something dumb...


General Mach Discussion / Coordinates are wrong
« on: July 24, 2009, 10:14:02 AM »
Hi everyone,

I saw a previous post asking about Mach3 sowing "massively wrong" coordinates but there were no replies that adequately answered the question. I have built a 60" x 48" x 9" CNC router, got through the first two tutorials, set units to inches, entered in all the motor tuning information according to the correct motor-leadscrew ratio (1000 SPI, 126 IPM, 90 accel). When I jog the router I get coordinates appx 6x the amount actually traveled. Please let this newbie know what he's doing wrong.

Much appreciated

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