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General Mach Discussion / Playing with Mach3 demo newbie CNC
« on: May 10, 2014, 11:14:35 AM »
Hello all.  I am newbie to CNC playing with Mach3 demo for now.

I am just fooling around trying to cut circles to better get a grasp of things, self learning.

I am using Solidworks/Solidcam and have created GCode to create a circle on a piece of stock.

When I load Mach3 everything is Zero and it shows the coord to be bottom left of the table.

When I load the gcode I am trying to set the starting point in the center of the piece as I indicated in Solidcam but it doesnt go there after loading the file.

Im not sure if this is a post processor issue or config of mach3 that I need to do ?  I tried to move to that point on the work piece as best as I can (its hard to tell from the table view if its exactly centered) but when I Zero the DRO's and regen tool path it will go a totally different spot than I want to set it at.


General Mach Discussion / weird problem
« on: July 20, 2009, 09:52:22 PM »
I am a newibe to CNCing and having some problem I can't seem to figure out after reaching mach3 documentation a couple times.

I have a part drawn out in Solidworks and GCode generated with Solidcam.

The size being cut via mach3 isn't the same size as what's been sketched in Solidworks.

For example one line would be 2.28" and when cut it would only cut 1.5" (estimated, I didn't do a precise measurement because it was way off).

Im using a Sherline 2000 Mill with stepper motors and have the Sherline profile (Inch) loaded into Mach3. 

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