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General Mach Discussion / Really new guy with a few questions
« on: August 24, 2009, 05:11:32 PM »
OK up until a few weeks ago I knew nothing about g-code, I've been working on learning a CAM package to convert CAD drawing to g-code.  I've created a part profile produced g-code but since at this time I'm only using a demo copy of Mach3 Turn I don't know if it is working correctly or not.  My first question is;  in my code I send the QCTP to the home position stop the spindle (M00) make a manual tool change and then send a restart spindle command, is this the correct way to do this?  Will the code continue to run from the point where the tool change was made?  I'm in the process of converting my 7X14 Mini Lathe to CNC and due to short term memory problems I am making sure I can master the software side of the process before going any further.  I've downloaded Dolphin CAD/CAM and Mach3 and have created CAD drawings and generated code with the Lathe module in the CAM software.  I have Mach3 configured to the point that it will operated as a simulator on my computer (but is not licensed yet).

Tried to find in forum but no luck.  Can anyone tell me how to install the Dolphin CAD/CAM post processor file I downloaded from the Artsoft web site so that it works with Mach 3 and Dolphin CAD/CAM?



I'm a brand new shinny Mach 3 Turn user and just as new to CNC.  Am starting a Mini 7X14 lathe conversion to CNC.  I have configured Mach 3 Turn far enough to allow me me learn to use it without having it connected to a machine.  I need help configuring the tool table, see page 7-9 figure 7.12 in the Mach 3 Turn user manual.  I have the standard AR, AL, BR, BL, and TE turning tools in both HSS and Carbide they are all 3/8" with a 0XA QCTP.  Also have carbide boring bars from 1/8" up to 1/2" which fit a tool holder for the QCTP.  Can someone please help me configure the tool table, there just doesn't seem to be much info in the book on tool table configuration and less in the training video.  Thanks in advance.


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