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Hello Mach3 Users:

I've been working my way through the Mach3 Software a step at a time. Several of the features discussed in the documentation are missing from my Mach3Mill lock down version 3.042.020. I have copied the license key file to the Mach3 folder to unlock the full program.

The first "feature" that appears to be missing is from the menu options. I click on "File" and have no option listed for importing DXF, JPEG, HPGL, or anything else. The only File menu options showing are "Load G-Code", "LazyCam...", "Entib", "Close File(s)" and "Exit".

Also missing from the screen is the window for the Automatic Z control family or the "MultiPass" options box on the "Run Program" window.

If anyone has any insight how I might access these "features" I sure would appreciate it!



General Mach Discussion / Shielding Issue and Mach3
« on: June 30, 2009, 02:38:56 PM »
Hey Mach3'ers,

I'm new, but learning quickly.

I built a 4 axis CNC Router Table 4.5' x 8.5', installed mechanicals, electronics, wiring, router, computer and Mach3/Lazy Cam software. I've been working toward perfecting the setup in conjunction with Tutorial Videos. I'm running limit/home switches in series, hence NC w/5v constant. I have an E-Stop that is NO. The diagnostics show pins are green on the parallel and lyellow ed's from my switches are out. So here's the configuration... X pin 15, Y pin 13 and Z pin 12 and all share common 5v wire.

When I have the limit swtiches selected for active and plug in the power supply for the motors I immediately get a limit switch message and an E-Stop condition, but no LED's are lit except for the solid green inputs from the parallel port which I believe is as it should be. Even so, resetting doesn't cure the problem as the message again shows a limit switch activated.

If I unplug the power supply for the stepper circuitry and manually trip the switches, the yellow LED's light up with the corresponding Axes indicating that I've configured and wired switches properly.

So then I deactivate limit switches to begin checking whether I can reference home. What happens is, the steppers begin moving Z towards home, but before reaching the switch, Mach3 changes movement to Y-axis and same thing happens, before hitting the home switch for Y Mach3 switches to X/A (actually only X is moving even though I've changed the button to RefConfigure( 9 ).

I believe there is enough noise coming from the Power supply wiring to the break out board and steppers to affect signals from the limit/home switch wiring which is constant 5v feed since it is NC.

My question is, What exactly needs to be shielded to prevent the "noise" from dropping the voltage which triggers limit/home switch signals? Or, is there an entirely different problem here that I'm not aware of since I'm relatively new to this stuff?

Unfortunately, i've used 18 gauge stranded unshielded wiring for all runs for the sake of saving cash on the initial build.

I've been pouring through the posts searching for similar problems but have not found anything like I'm experiencing.



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