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General Mach Discussion / Building CNC Machines
« on: April 24, 2011, 06:21:38 AM »

Relatively new to CNC although have played with a few stepper motors and a controller a few times. Am looking to builsd a cnc Plasma cutter/router. Can anyone point me towards a few good websites, books etc go get my head around the complete package from computer to machine interfaces hieght contor;l BOB, drives, power supplies , power ratings really from start ot finish. Would be much appreciated.

Cheers Ron.

General Mach Discussion / Express Card Parallel port for Laptops
« on: June 24, 2009, 09:04:51 AM »
Hi guys,

Has anyone used oris using an Express card parallel port for a laptop without a parallel port. Have you had any success or do they not work. Will a usb to parallel port cable work? is there anything else that ca work with a laptop without a parallel port?

Thanks Gents.


Hi Guys, I have a y motor that only moving in one direction regardless of the command. the Mac3 screen is working correctly but every time a Y command is given (+ or - Ve) the motor only rotate in the + direction Can Anyone Help. Also How do you jog the 4th axis in MAch 3 Mill froom the keyboard. I cannot seem to find the shuttle screen as in the manual.

General Mach Discussion / Can Anyone Help? Motors not moving
« on: June 08, 2009, 07:39:25 PM »
Hi Guys, My Name is Ron From Australia and am having problems getting my steppers moving. I had problem previously with a add on parallel port card that Hood helped me out with, Thanks Hood. Now have a new mother board with a built on parallel port and have configured the port and the pins step and Dir as per the mach 3 manual. I have a mechtronics 4 axis breakout board (www.easy-cnc.com for the manual)and 4 japan servo hybrid steppers which i wish to put on a plasma cutter. I have configured the pins and direction for the motors and configured for mach driver test and all seems to be working ok there. I have learnt to read and write g code over the last month and simulating it on Mach 3 with great success but have had nothing to do with the nuts of cnc setup. I am a toolmaker by trade with little electronics knowledge. When the power is turned on the motors briefly pulse and that is all I can get out of them. They get really hot after about an hour of testing. I have set the on board current set up to the the 1.8A for the motors as per there spec sheet. I have set the steps on the motor tuning to 2000.

I do not get any signal on the port 1 pins state. Pulse freq is about 33500 with kernel speed of 35000

Port is 378 as per the get port address function Hood put me on to and motor outputs are as per the mechtronics manual.

I am obviously missing something or have not checked or unchecked a box somewhere.

Does anyone have any Ideas to get me started? Thanks Guys.

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