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help - i have a cnc4pc c11 breakout card and I cant seem to get the charge pump to work

so far, i have the following working via the card with no issues. (jumper set to ignore charge pump)
... pins 2,3,4,5,6,7 as step/ dir pins on the x,y,z axis (output)
... pin 10 working as an input for e- stop

I can't seem to get the following working
...pin 1 as an output (tried to use this as a step for x axis and failed)
...pin 16,17 working as an output (i tried setting them as enable outputs in Mach 3)
.... charge pump doe not work when set to card 1 pin 17 in pins and ports )

i read somewhere ( i think it was on one the mach 3 forums) that some parallel port cards can't sink enough current on certain pins to drive the opto isolators

can anyone help fill in the blanks for me?  is this correct? what do i do about it?

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