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General Mach Discussion / 2 weird issues?
« on: August 29, 2009, 06:37:41 PM »
hey all!

i JUST got my cnc working again after 4 months of electrical nightmares :)

it is a x3 with keling psu/steppers, gecko 203v and a candcnc bob. Im using dolphin partmaster pro and mach 3, both i have purchased.

Today was the first day that i was able to cook up some g-code via dolphin and run it on some plastic! however i got 2 weird issues.

It was facemilling, and mid face milling the z axis hopped up from -.125" to 1.95"  (?) when in the code there was NO z axis instructions.

Then, when i want it to cut a circle around the part im making it won't and i just get a "zero radius arcline 38" in the status bar.

Im a newb and can't figure either one out. I have a video to show what i mean but its taking forever to upload.

Thanks so much in advance!

hey all!

I have a almost converted sieg x3 mill with g203v's, keling motors, candcnc breakout board with modular gecko mounitngs, dolphin cad/cam and mach 3(er still need to buy mach lol but will asap).

Im getting frustrated with the process- i feel like im in a holding pattern, and have been for the past 4 weeks or so. I have read the first 81 pages of the "using mach3" pdf and found it very helpful, but i still just can't figure out what i need to do so i can start making parts. I think they are all very simple fixes so i just want to post here- i am i high school student and spent way to much money on this project :( and need the machine back up and running so i can make back some of my losses.

First problem-
I want the X and Y to read 0 when they hit the home switches, and the z axis 0 should be the table correct? then something like 12" or so up from that?
Well my 0 is in the middle of the x,y, and z so when i say for example g28 x0 it doesn't take it home. So then i jogged it till it touched the home switch and in the home settings, where it says "g28 location" i typed in the setting on the dro (for example- like -4.28" or something) then in the MDI when i say g28 x0 it goes to the x home and the x home switch lights on on my candcnc bob.

BUT: it doesn't do as mach says it does (once again, im sure its MY fault), where it goes till it closes the switch then backs off till its just off the switch. it just sits there.

I would imagine it would make setting up work a HELL of a lot easier if the home was at 0,0,(whatever for z- im not sure because im new at this).

So wrapping up question 1: How do set my HOME positions to 0,0, and NOT a random number for Z, and why doesn't it back off the home like it should?

I can take a "ok" quality video of it and the settings to help you guys know what i mean if needed.

Second question: The x axis stepper has been acting sporatically. Nothing changed- it worked great for while but then yesterday, no matter what direction you tell it to move it it Jumps in the same direction (alway away from the home switch), then randomly jumps back the other way ( while still pressing the same direction key) then stops moving. if i re-start the computer then this process repeats itself.

I would greatly appreciate your help guys.

Thanks so much!


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