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General Mach Discussion / Reset Interpreter button in Setting screen
« on: April 23, 2009, 02:26:00 PM »
What is an Interp(reter)?

It is a button in the Setting screen whitch is labeled "Reset Interp". What is the function of this button?

General Mach Discussion / Cant get CV led to turn off
« on: April 22, 2009, 08:09:59 AM »
I have trouble to understand the CV led, OEM code 54 in the main screen.

It stays on no matter what I do. I have unchecked  all in Config>General config> CV control.

What is the purpose with this led? Is it something I don't understand or have done wrong?

General Mach Discussion / Smal bug feed hold in I, J comands
« on: April 22, 2009, 06:53:42 AM »
When I'm running a line of code containing I and J comands it is necessary to hit feed hold twice for the action to take place. On the first hit the actual arc section in the tool path window lit up, but the feed continues. On the next hit the motion stops. If running a straight line motion stops on the first hit of the feed hold button.
Is this as it is intended to be?

I'm running version R3. 042. 020.

Anyone of you guys experiencing the same behaviour?

Mach Screens / Need help with problem with Screen4
« on: April 20, 2009, 05:44:43 PM »
I have got a serious problem with my set. file for the upgraded standard screen set.

On two screens I have by a fault inserted a way to big background image. I cant "tag" the faulty image even if it is clearly visible. I cant remove it. The only way I can work around it is to rename the image file. Then the image doesn't load when screen4 is started. However a new problem arises then. The size of the image is still somehow "working" in the background even if it is not laded or visible. This causes other objects to disappear behind the "phantom" image. I can on one screen come by this by clicking on "bitmaps to back". However on the work offset screen this approach doesn't work.

Is there any way to get into the set file to remove the reference to this two images? Who have made this program?

I have spent a considerably amount of time on this project. I have not any desire to start from scratch. Any help will be very appreciated!


Mach Screens / Question on background of Box Leds
« on: April 17, 2009, 01:10:15 PM »
I have noticed the Box leds at the Soft Limits and the Machine Coord's button have a grey background, whereas the same Box Leds from the same bitmap file at the Offline and the Go To Z button is transparent in the center. This difference will be visible if the Box Led is a few pixels larger than the button inside and the background image is not gray where the Box Leds/Buttons is placed. I cant find where I define if the Box Led is going to be transparent/open in the center be "filled" with it's own background colour.

Any help is appreciated.

Works in progress / Refurbished standard screen
« on: April 17, 2009, 07:53:41 AM »
I have refurbished the main screen in the standard mill screen set. I started with the original jpg file, increased the size slightly and vent over it completely. This did I in MS paint. Saved the file as a bmp. However the conversion to jpg in MS paint sucks big time. Horribly compression and lots of ghosts. I did the bmp to jpg conversion in irfanview. Much better results there.

Here is the main screen background and a zip containing the main screen background, a new run button and the set file.

I will probably refurbish the other screens also when I get time for it.

General Mach Discussion / Slow jogging
« on: April 16, 2009, 05:37:43 AM »
I have read through many threads about jogging. I cant find an answer to my problem.

The problem is I cant jog faster than 1/6 of the speed set in motor tuning. I'm aware of the slow jogging DRO% and the shift tab to do full speed jogging. No matter what I put into the Jogging control" (tab) or feed speed or overide I cant go faster than 1/6 of the motor speed. When I change the motor speed the max jog speed changes to 1/6 of the new motor speed.

I have set native units to mm, chosen mm in units under the setting tab, tried to change any setting that might have any meaning, saved settings, restarted Mach3 and so on.

I have been able to jog faster before, but have also had this problem before.

Any sugestions?

I downloaded the Mach3 screen designer. I would like to play with the standard screens, see what I can change. I suppose it is possible to load the standard screens into the screen designer, but I cant find a file for the standard screens. Does such file exists and if so where can I find it?

I have found all the bitmaps for the backgrounds and buttons though.

General Mach Discussion / Jog rate, feed rate and abnormal condition
« on: April 11, 2009, 07:17:58 AM »
this is my first post here.

I purchased Mach3 two years ago. I hav not used it yet. I have no machine to use it on, but I plan to make a router this year. I upgraded to version R3.042.020 yesterday. I have been playing around with it since then. I also have LazyCam, pro version.

I currently manage to make a simple drawing in AutoCad 2000, import the dxf file into LazyCam and make the toolpaths, pocketing, offset, Z-depth, different tools and so on. I haven't figured out how to make countoured surfaces in the Z-plane in LazyCam yet. Havent really tried yet. I can draw complicated objects in AutoCad however, like 3-D drawings, multiple layers and so on. I manage to load the G-code into Mach3 and run the program.

I have a few question on things I still havent figured out.

1.  I cant find where I specify the jog rate. I have found it is possible to set the slow jog rate in a percentage of the full jog rate. But where do I set the full jog rate? I'm aware of the motor configuration setup. I have set the motor speeds to 600 (mm/s), but the jog rate is mostly in the 100 units range when I hit the jog buttons.

2.  The actual "working" feed rate is 10-15% below the feed rate set in the G-codes. When I set the feed rate override to say 200% the actual feed rate is only ca 170% of the feed rate set in the G-codes. What is the reason for this?

3.  The abnormal condition tab do blink. When I hit i it says I am "Currently in metric units". I have set the units to metric in the configuration. What is the reason for this warning?

Edit: Clearified difference between problems with the feed rate and jog rate.

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