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General Mach Discussion / Y axis move when just X axis is homed
« on: December 22, 2010, 08:17:40 AM »
I got my new software all installed along with a new controller and some other items.

Every seems ok but I have observed something odd.
I was testing my home switches and discovered that when the x axis is homed it moves pretty
much as expected however what is odd is that the y-axis also moves a small amount.  At first I
thought I was seeing things then suspected I had a mechanical connection messed up but
no the machine coordinates DRO confirms the y is moving (I have no feed back system)
and I can feel it move as well.

Homing the z and y do not affect any of the other axes as far as I can see.

Could I have something mis-configured?  it seems if the DRO  moves then Mach must be aware it
is happening and doing it on purpose so probably not a hardware issue.  (jogging moves the axes
independently as expected.)

Any Thoughts?


P.S.  I believe I am using the latest released version….R3.042.040

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