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General Mach Discussion / Problem with Auto Zero Script
« on: March 14, 2009, 08:28:15 PM »
This is driving me crazy. I am running ver 3.042.021. I have added this code to my "Auto Tool Zero" button in Mach, which I got from this forum.  If I step through the code it works perfectly, and the machine stops at +0.438. This is .500 above the work piece. If I run it by clicking the button it adds the touch plate thickness to the retract height, or .562.  If I run it again it then retracts to .624. I couple of times it has doubled the height. If I edit the script and single step through it it works and stops at 0.438. I have tried increasing the dwell times (I am set for milliseconds) which had the same results. What am I doing wrong?  I am running out of ideas and hair.....
RJ  ???

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