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General Mach Discussion / Router doing weird things
« on: March 15, 2009, 02:31:14 PM »
Hello all, I have been having a bad day with the machine.  It does weird stuff every once in a while.  Today I went out to make a little sign for a friend. layed it out in cut 2d looked good. Wanted to do some pocketing on it. Well the machine started out great then just out of no where it plunged all the way through the material I just wanted to go 1/8 I was working with 3/4" material.

So I thought it was me,So I started over after looking at everything. I did a small pocket did it great 1/16" deep looked great, so I thought ok. Started another sign, I plunged deeper then the code, but I thought I can live with that. Thenout of nowhere it did the deep dive all the way through. I have posted the code. I am still wondering what the j code is in this code. Please let me know if you have had this before of heard of it.
I think this is the code.

General Mach Discussion / Newbie AGAIN
« on: March 13, 2009, 05:02:42 PM »
ok, here we are again. Had cut 2d and mach running great. had new bits come in today and wanted to try them out. excited to try a new cut.   Did a small design in cut 2d went to export to mach 3.  Does not show up in Mach 3 no g code or anything.  I can import g code from other designs I did yesterday of before, but nothing from today. I have both full licence for both mach 3 and cut 2d.  I just cut a small animal just about one hour ago with the new bits.  Try to do another and nothing.  Just weird

General Mach Discussion / Toolpath on display ??????
« on: March 13, 2009, 08:53:51 AM »
Ok, here we go again, I have cut2d working as my cam program, mach 3 working as my controlling program. When I bring in a job to cut mach 3 places the job on the toolpath display in the center of the screen on the toolpath display. When i jog to the job on tha table and zero all axis out and regen toolpath it places it on on the very bottom of the display where I can not see it at all. Even on the toolpath tab display ( The bigger display) I can not see it. If I do see it it is very small portion of the job. ???.

Weird thing happen last night, I was cutting a very simple design out of cut 2d, job started good good speed was on the last profile cut depth about 3/4 done and it just stopped. It had no more g-code to cut, it is like it did not bring all of the g-code in when I imported the job from cut2d ???

Besides that I love the program and all it does. I have just been cutting for about two weeks and have alot to still learn. 


General Mach Discussion / Newbie needs help
« on: March 04, 2009, 08:31:40 PM »
Ok, Her is one for all of the pros out there. I have just gotten into the cnc hobbie. I have a JGRO design and trial version of Mach 3 and trial version of Cut 2d. Here is the problem. I try out the wingspar in cut 2d. It cuts it out great but it always cuts too deep. I have tried to set it to like 1/16" deep and it still cuts to like 3/8". on the DRO's it shows it is cutting at 1/16". Z & X Axis are great. I have re calibrated the z with the axis calibration in Mach 3 and have all of that set. No matter what depth I put in it always goes it seems like to the same depth. Cut 2d will allow me to change the plunge depth, but it does not change when doing the job. First chips tonight and it was SO COOL.

Thanks for all of your help.


General Mach Discussion / Motor tuning
« on: March 03, 2009, 09:11:19 AM »
Hello everyone, I have been building a JGRO design router. I have installed the Hobbycnc pro board, with the 305 oz Motors. I went with the acme 1/2" 10 5 start lead screws on all 3 axis. I am getting ready to do some tuning and testing in the coming days. I have looked high and low and tried to understand this tuning thing, but I have come to realize that I need HELP  ???. I have follwed the manual on calculating the leadscrew distance and tried to understand it.  I am trying to understand the revs per unit for my setup.

I am looking for the steps it will take for my setup.

lead screw 1/2" 10 5 start    1/10=0.1 x 5 = 0.5 this is my effective screw pitch right  ???

305 oz motors 200 steps per rev  I will be 1/2 microstepping   This is where I get lost.   PLEASE HELP...............


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