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General Mach Discussion / Autostart profile in windows xp
« on: February 20, 2010, 01:06:41 PM »
Hi all,

When I first installed Mach3 I had a desktop icon of my profile, but I deleted it :-/.
Now I have a dedicated computer for my machine and want windows xp to start up automatically with my profile when the computer starts up.

Using the startup option in windows xp is not a problem, but which program do I have to start? When I select "mach3.exe" an option screen appears,


Hello people,

I just got a new computer from my brother in law for my homebuild cnc machine, instead of a slow Pentium AMD 750 thingy I now have a Pentium 4 fast thingy :-)

But when I run the axes there is a strange noise from the steppenmotors.... I am sure it has something to do with the switch of the computers, not with the cnc machine itself.

But what can be wrong and is there a solution?

here a small movie with the strange noise:

Here a movie as a reference how it was before (movie was the first test when the machine was finished)

hope someone can help,

many thanks,

<edit>inserted correct youtube link </edit>

General Mach Discussion / connecting vacuum cleaner to mach 3
« on: March 30, 2009, 04:15:18 PM »
Hi guys,

I want to connect my vacuum cleaner to mach 3 so it turns on and off during running the program.  The only way is to do it via the mist/flood option? (not going to use this for wood :-)  Or is there a better way?

If yes, the code M7/8 and M9 I have to put in manually in lazycam or can that be done automatically?

When I check the option "coollant" in lazycam just before posting the g-code it just puts in the M9 in the beginning but never switch on the M7 or M8.

Thanks again for the help,

LazyCam (Beta) / A circle in dxf is not a circle in lazycam ?? >:(
« on: March 24, 2009, 07:57:09 AM »
 hey Guys,

I am still trying and testing lazycam/mach3 for my project and about to buy it. Last night I came across a problem, although in this case it is not important, I need to know what the problem is, espcially since I am going to buy the licences for the 2 programs.

I have drawn a model airplane in 3D:
see this topic for some more photo's (text in dutch):

In lazycam the inner "circle" is shown as a octagon.

I wonder why this is. The bulkhead and circle are made as follow in Rhinoceros V4:
-Square, made into a solid of 3mm.
-circle, perpendicular of the square, made into a tube
-"boolean difference" cut out the circle in the square.
-The bulkhead was projected on the Top cplane and little lines where cut out, to let the cut out wood still be stuck in the original piece of wood.
-this cplane was saved as dxf and than opend in lazycam.

-when I just make a circle in Rhinoceros saves that as dxf and opens it in lazycam, it is a perfect circle...... why can this be?, is the bulkhead to complicated or because it is projected, but why is it still a circle in the original drawing in Rhinoceros?
questions.... questions ........  :(
Attached the dxf file and also the lazycam file.

Another question not related is about the strange way lazycams wants to cut the bulkheads. Since I cut the lines to have the piece of wood still attached to the big piece of wood, it is obviously not a connected line anymore. But why does lazycam cuts out 1 connected line , than starts on the other side of the bulkhead cuts this line, and than start again on the other side of the bulkhead where it previously stopped. Although this obviously will work, it will take much more time, it would be more practicall of the z-ax lift up, and the "square" would still be cut as a square, just the z-ax would have to go up and down.
I did use the "clean" tool which made it all a little bit better, but still a strange rooting to cut it out.

Hope someones has the answer,


LazyCam (Beta) / setting "cut depth" by number
« on: March 02, 2009, 03:38:46 PM »
Hello out there,

I am playing arround a bit with lazycam and I cannot set a "cut depth"

I have made a simple straigh horizontal line in dxf, loaded it in lazycam.
When I select the "layers" button. I have "rapid height", "cut start", "cut depth" , by default "cut depth" is 0.
When I enter for example -13 and press the "set all layers" , it does it. But when I post the g-code it is still set at the default setting.

When I select the "set depth" (on the right) button I can set the depth with my mouse and this is than also set in the "cut depth" line, when posted it works fine and the z-ax goes down as ordered.

But why can I not select the "cut depth"in the window and than press the "set all layers" button ??

Hope someone understands this explanation and can tell me what i am doing wrong  :(


LazyCam (Beta) / unable to post more as ca 10 chains
« on: February 28, 2009, 02:57:26 PM »
Hello there,

I am quite new to all this cnc , mach3 lazycam stuff, but slowly I am getting there.

For testing my homebuild cnc router I made in rhinoceros 15 vertical lines and 15 horizontal lines. Exported to dxf and opened it in lazycam.
lazycam show these lines perfectly.
When I post them in Gcode and open it in Mach3 only the horizontal lines are displayed. When I move some vertical "chains" more up and then post, these vertical lines show up, but not all of them and than I am missing some horizontal lines again :-/

The same when I make a lot of objects like cirkels, squares , lines etc not all of them are posted in gcode, but are shown in lazycam as seperate chains.

Here some pictures:
The lines in Rhinoceros:

Saved as dxf file
opened in lazycam (mill):

All lookes fine, pressed the "post gcode"button"

Only 9 lines are displayed  ???

here the g-code:

N1 (File Name = 200 on Sunday, March 01, 2009)
N2 (Default Mill Post)
N3  G91.1
N4 G0  Z1.0000
N5 M3
N6  X150.0000  Y1.0000
N7  Z0.1000
N8 G1  Z0.0000  F60.00
N9  X0.0000   
N10 G0  Z1.0000
N11  X150.0000  Y5.0000
N12  Z0.1000
N13 G1  Z0.0000 
N14  X0.0000   
N15 G0  Z1.0000
N16  X150.0000  Y9.0000
N17  Z0.1000
N18 G1  Z0.0000 
N19  X0.0000   
N20 G0  Z1.0000
N21  X150.0000  Y13.0000
N22  Z0.1000
N23 G1  Z0.0000 
N24  X0.0000   
N25 G0  Z1.0000
N26  X150.0000  Y17.0000
N27  Z0.1000
N28 G1  Z0.0000 
N29  X0.0000   
N30 G0  Z1.0000
N31  X150.0000  Y21.0000
N32  Z0.1000
N33 G1  Z0.0000 
N34  X0.0000   
N35 G0  Z1.0000
N36  X150.0000  Y25.0000
N37  Z0.1000
N38 G1  Z0.0000 
N39  X0.0000   
N40 G0  Z1.0000
N41  X150.0000  Y29.0000
N42  Z0.1000
N43 G1  Z0.0000 
N44  X0.0000   
N45 G0  Z1.0000
N46  X150.0000  Y33.0000
N47  Z0.1000
N48 G1  Z0.0000 
N49  X0.0000   
N50 G0  Z1.0000


What am I doiing wrong  ???

many thanks,

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