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General Mach Discussion / Calibrating (tuning) twin axis
« on: March 26, 2012, 04:56:30 AM »

I have X and A axis together and A IS slaved to X. Problem the steps per millimeter is not the same on both axi' and having issues with getting calibration done so that I can move forward with final set up and cutting. Tools being used are Steel engineers rule, a Vernier Calipers (150 mm) and a calibrated Dial Gauge (certified to .01mm on one rotation or less and 5um on repeatability in that range).

Now what I have been doing is swapping the driver control from X to A and back and that has gotten me closer but still get error after to single axis run out of greater then 10 movements of the x axis plane. When doing air cutting tests will get .2mm error approx' in x+ and the same or slightly less in y- from the point used as 0,0. Velocity is set at 4250m/min and acceleration is set at 225mm/min^2. Movement quadrant is set up as X+,Y+.

Motors are 3Nm Nema23/4 (off size 23's) and being driven by a 60VDC 10.0A ASTEC power source Drivers are set at 3.7A (as the next setting is over the 4.2A that the motors are rated for). Drivers are rated for up to 80VDC and are based off the M752-G type series just a bit bigger and older model. The Screw are ball screws from linearmotionbearings on ebay and are 16mm dia and 5mm pitch. Micro stepping is set at 1600 on all axi'.

Hopefully that is enough information and hopefully someone can help me on this as have clients that are being very patient with me for parts to be made and have convention season upon me very soon.


General Mach Discussion / Help on wiring an E-stop in.
« on: May 06, 2009, 04:51:14 AM »
I have a 2 pole NC E-stop that I want to wire into my system for safety. I am using a BOB from DIYCNC which is their PCPPS-3PS (power save) and their driver 25PS model on all three axi'. They can be viewed at www.diycnc.co.uk. for layout and Pdf on information I am using a regulated 24V PS with 3 lead points. So what I am asking is where is the best place to wire in the E-stop.

Wiring between the Mains plug and the power supply ensures that power is shut off when I hit the switch and allows me to wire the limit switches to the board and keep them as separate controls (personally a good idea in my book). The E-stop has one 2NC switch in it and space for a second one if need be. Wiring a second one in would allow for information going back to the BOB, but if the E-stop is before the PSU why would it be needed as that seems a bit too redundant to me (still learning, if there is a reason please explain).

So, any and all help or input would be helpful diagrams would be greatly appreciated as tend to be a visual person (though if given good reference points can figure alot out).



I am running a Gantry router with just starting set up. The problem is that the motors are not moving and having a problem with the tuning them to get them running. I am getting sound from them but no motion. Sound changes when I change settings in either Mach3 or on the board switches so that is good. Wiring on the step motors is two centre taps attached to two pairs (two groups of three) and are wired as shown on diagram provided by maker with a 1.5 ohm 50W resistor inline of each centre tap and running 5V for logic and 12V for the combined XY with a separate 12V for the Z. The maker provided one to be used with both tap wires at 5V. All four are mounted to a metal base with thermal paste and three heat sink blades are on top of them.

PIN2 = X Direction
PIN3 = X Step
PIN4 = Y Direction
PIN5 = Y Step
PIN6 = Z Direction
PIN7 = Z Step

Active Lo is enabled. When I have the system running can still turn the arbour of the stepper motor. When power is off can also turn them and turns arbour as well. I have tried the 500, 50, 5 setting on the tuning controls with no results. Have read through the posts with alot of information gotten (thanks to all who answer them) but no joy in movement on them the number on the side of the steppers is 23HS8603 and all bear the same numbering set.

So any ideas on what can be done to make the motors work?? System is running of both a laptop and a desk top with the same problem. So, please help. this is going to be helping with production of musical instruments for a client and really need to get it working.



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