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General Mach Discussion / Motors unable to run slow/missing steps
« on: February 17, 2009, 02:01:36 AM »
Hi everyone. I'm struggling a bit to get my motors running right. I'm running Mach 3, with a Gecko 540 and Kelling 48V power supply & motors on a Taig mill.

I managed to calibrate everything fine, so each axis moves what it says it should when I ask it too. I tried some of the wizards in Mach 3 and they all seemed to work ok.

My problems come when I tried to cut my first proper part. I generated the g code in meshcam and I was really conservative with the feed rates (didn't want to do any damage). It seems my motors just don't run at all if the feedrate is too low. By low I am talking about 4ipm (100mm/min). Surely I should be able to run the motors this slow?

The part I test cut looks a mess. It's all of about the right dimensions but the circular pockets are all out of round, and the external walls are a bit chewed up where I'm guessing the mill has lost/gained steps.

Any ideas why my motors stall at low speeds? Is this normal???

Thanks for any help guys!


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