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PoKeys / PoLabs blog - converting / switching from LPT to USB
« on: November 17, 2015, 05:29:43 AM »
Hi, Mach3 community

A new post has been published on our blog - 5 reasons to swtich from LPT to USB: http://blog.poscope.com/switch-cnc-from-lpt-to-usb/

Would you agree with the reasons? What contents would you like to see on our blog?
We are planning on releasing tutorials for Mach3 and Mach4 and presenting new products and ideas.

PoKeys / PoKeys Pulse engine v2 and updated Mach3 plugin
« on: November 10, 2013, 10:34:21 AM »
Pulse engine v2

EDIT: With 3.1.0b update, 4 axes are supported using external pulse generator.

We present an upgraded and improved PoKeys Pulse engine v2. Pulse engine v2
is now automatically enabled on all PoKeys56U and PoKeys56E devices with the
3.1.0 firmware. The biggest improvement is the support for the extension
board for Pulse engine functionality. PoKeysCNCaddon is a galvanically
isolated board that connects to PoKeys using 8 wires and features 8 standard
connections for stepper motors, dedicated connector for all limit and home
switches, relay outputs, open-collector outputs, 0-10 V output and additional
digital inputs.

The new PoKeys plugin for Mach3 improves the PoKeys Pulse engine experience.
PoKeys plugin features minor improvements to the current plugin version in
regards to general IO mapping and the support for the new PoKeys Pulse engine.
Plugin with the new PoKeys Pulse engine now supports 3 axes using integrated
pulse generator, capable of 25 kHz maximum step frequency, and 3 axes using
external pulse generator (PoKeysCNCaddon), capable of 125 kHz maximum step
frequency. The new plugin enables user to select the presence and position
of the limit and home/ref switches - these can be wired directly to
PoKeysCNCaddon or to any free PoKeys pin. Home/ref switches can now be also
combined with limit switches, supporting the machines with only one switch
per axis. The plugin now also features support for soft-limits, limit
overriding, improved homing procedure, straight probing support (G31),
improved MPG and keyboard jogging, etc.

New Mach3 plugin features (overview):
- Support for original Pulse engine outputs (3 axes, 25 kHz step) with fully customizable switch configuration
- PoKeysCNCaddond support (4 axes, 125 kHz step)
- New floating IO and PoKeys Pulse engine status window
- Combined home/ref and limit switches support
- Straight probing support
- Improved homing (home offsets supported) and jogging
- Soft-limit support
- Limit override support
- Performance enhancements
- Stability enhancements
- optional notification of unavailable devices on startup
- UDP connection enabled by default on Pokeys56E and PoKeys57E

Firmware update 3.1.0b is available now, PoKeysCNCaddon will be available in december 2013

PoKeys SW v3.1.0b with NEW PoBlocks, Mach3 plugin (15.11.2013) - http://www.poscope.com/index.php?route=product/product/download&download_id=82&product_id=51
PoKeys Pulse engine v2 and Mach3 plugin manual (15.11.2013) - http://www.poscope.com/index.php?route=product/product/download&download_id=83&product_id=51

PoKeys / NEW: 'Official' PoKeys Mach3 Plugin - 'beta' version v0.01
« on: May 30, 2012, 04:35:14 PM »
The 'alpha' version (http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,21247.0.html) of the plugin got a major update:

  - NEW: PWM support
  - NEW: LCD support
  - NEW: analog inputs support (analog joystick, analog to DRO mapping, offsets and gains adjustment, automatic calibration)
  - NEW: IO mapping (Mach3 native input-output pins, additional 100 Mach3 IO device pins - device name PoKeys_{serial number})
  - NEW: dedicated menu for each device
  - NEW: homing support
  - NEW: support for pendant with the activation switch
  - NEW: Safety charge pump on pin 53
  - NEW: Fail-safe based on connection timeout
  + Various bug fixes of the alpha version

The plugin requires PoKeys 3.0.30 firmware, available here: http://www.poscope.com/productattachments/index/download?id=29
Mach3 plugin 'beta': http://www.poscope.com/productattachments/index/download?id=75
Manual: http://www.poscope.com/productattachments/index/download?id=77

Matevž, PoLabs

PoKeys / NEW: 'Official' PoKeys Mach3 Plugin - 'alpha' version v0.01
« on: April 04, 2012, 03:30:33 AM »
We present an official PoKeys Mach3 plugin by PoLabs. The main trigger for this plugin is the new capability of the PoKeys56U and PoKeys56E devices - Pulse engine - that can be used as an external 3-axis motion controller with Mach3. This means that there is no more need for LPT port to drive small CNC machines.
However, the plugin support all the basic mapping options as listed below.

PoKeys Mach3 plugin existing functionality
-  Support for PoKeys55, PoKeys56U and PoKeys56E devices
-  Mapping of PoKeys digital inputs to Mach3 OEM LEDs and OEM buttons
-  Mapping of Mach3 OEM LEDs to PoKeys digital outputs
-  Mapping of PoKeys encoders to Mach3 DROs
-  Support for matrix keyboard
-  Support for kbd48CNC keyboard on I2C address 1
-  Usage  of  PoKeys  Pulse  engine  (available  on  PoKeys56U  and  Pokeys56E  devices)  as  external motion controller for Mach3 – 3 axes, each up to 25 kHz step frequency

Pulse engine option must be activated before the first use. During the testing period, we will offer two free activation codes per PoKeys56 owner. Those who are interested, please send the serial number of your PoKeys56 device to support@poscope.com.

Plugin is available at http://www.poscope.com/news/?n=8. Also, before using the plugin, please download and install the latest PoKeys software update from www.poscope.com.

Matevž, PoLabs

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