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General Mach Discussion / Shuttle Pro problem
« on: January 27, 2009, 04:07:23 PM »
Hate to keep bringing up the ShuttlePro but I think I have tried everything I have read to get it to work but I must be missing something.  I installed the Shuttle software and then the Mach3 plug-in.  Saw I was not supposed to installed Shuttle software, so I uninstalled it.  When I go to Config:config plugins,  the shuttlepro is installed with the green check to the left and the yellow "config" to the right.  I click on the "config" button and see the ShuttlePro picture and associate the axis with the keys.  Went back and exited Mach3 and then loaded Mach3 again.  When I push the keys on the ShuttlePro, I just get a beep and the error message "Unknown word where unary operation could be.....".   I am running Mach R2.63

Would appreciate any help, thanks

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