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General Mach Discussion / Mach 3 is hanging while loading file
« on: July 11, 2011, 07:22:57 PM »
I posted this over at the Yahoo site and got no response.
I cant believe it only happens to me. If it does please give some suggestions on how to troubleshoot.
Dave at MSM suggested posting it here

When loading a file I get this

Its random but persistent.
Its a short file. About 75 lines of code. When in does not hang it takes a
second or so to calculate path.
any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

It's 3.043.37
XP home
MSM 1.17
PC is Shuttle X50V2 1.66 Ghz Dual core Atom

I am having all sorts of frustration on tool changes. Could someone point me to the correct information.
The Sieg support has not given me any assistance of substance.
I have a KX3. Its native units are mm. ( I would like to run it in Native inches but not sure what needs to be changed)  I am using the recommended R3.041
I go through and set up my tool table of two tools using the main screen (screen shot attached)
Make sure tool offset is off
l Set Z to Zero
I move tool down to touch
Press Set tool offset
Turn off tool offset
Go to Zero
Install new tool and set tool number and diameter
I move tool down to touch
Press Set tool offset
Turn off tool offset
Go to Zero
I have tried saving tool table and it seems not to change behaviour

Then I double check with tool offset on and both tools are correct. I have tested this by loading a tool then moving Z to 0.000 with tool offset on. Then changing tools and things seem fine.

I have tried setting tool tables after a reboot so it is in native units and after I have run a Imperial program.

If I run the tool test program tool 3 crashes into table. This program is a shortened program with the cutting removed and created using OneCNC. I might have something there wrong but my read of Mach 3 docs seems to agree with coding.

I know I am messing up but where??
Also how to I get the tool to go to a clear spot on tool changes. I cant seem to find where set this and make it work. I have on one screen set the tool change to be at 0 0 0.
The tool change does stop spindle and flash the change tool indicator. But it does not go to clear space.

Any help is appreciated as I am tired of cutting air or my tooling plate on tool changes. And running out of tools :-(

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