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General Mach Discussion / Random stop at x axis
« on: December 19, 2008, 07:22:00 AM »
Hello folks! I have read a lot of topics here and haven't found a solution yet. So, i decided to post and see if anyone can help me. The problem is that my CNC Router works fine in a AMD duo core, 2gb ram, and has this x axis problem with a intel quadcore 4gb ram. It sometimes jam for about a second, making a creepy sound of the motor forcing the movement and then again continue moving normally until it happens again.

I saw in other topics some similar problens, and the solutions taken. Unfortunatelly none of them solved mine. Changed the pulse, the CV, made the driver test. Is there anything else i can do?

Ps: sorry for the bad english (brazilian, and i'm not a indian lol)

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