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General Mach Discussion / Win7 64 + UC100?
« on: June 27, 2020, 11:17:13 AM »
Short version, I know Win7 64 is no bueno with a parallel port...... but it's cool with a UC100 USB to parallel converter????

Long version, i'm trying to revive a mini mill that once upon a time ran on a XP machine with onboard parallel.  PC died and i can't get old old IDE drive with configured Mach3 to play nicly on new mobos/parallel cards/etc.....    Have win7-64 setup with a UC100, verified IO for limit switches, verified E-stop functionality, DRO moves with axis... no motors turn.  There's additional history with this 3 axis mill being converted to not have a spindle, and control a fluid pump output... so, also now have a scope to start testing BOBs.  Any help appreciated.


So, I have a Smithy 622 mini mill, old pc it was running pooped the bed.  Previously everything was functional for 3+ years.

Fresh motherboard (foxconn N15235), and a syba (SD-PEX10005) PCIe parallel port adapter.

Fresh install of current version Mach and brought over my old config and license file.  E-Stop works, DRO's zero and increment, motors don't turn.  I've configured the port correctly, and swapped the adapter card in 2 different slots on the mobo.  The LPT port is set to 'never use a interrupt' and also enabled legacy plug and play detection.  No luck.  At this point i'm guessing this PCIe adapter doesn't want to play along.....  any suggestions????



Had to remove a typo in the subject line.  ;)

General Mach Discussion / PWM spindle control - Smithy 622 - Help Please.
« on: December 02, 2008, 11:10:18 AM »
We've recently purchased a Smithy 622 mini-mill, and i'm currently working on getting it setup with Mach and a 13" touchscreen.  X,Y,Z all configured fine, motion is very nice and repeatable.

I've gone through the mach quick start tutorial, and the larger support document, and i havn't quite gotten the spindle under control.  Any help appreciated.

controller board is a PMDX-110 (combination 132&106)

LPT pins for spindle:
pin 14 > spindle motor direction signal from PC
pin 16 > spindle speed as PWM signal from PC

Mach setup stuffs:::::

When i hit the toggle spindle button in mach, the spindle turns on and hits full speed (3500rpm), hit the toggle spindle button again, and the spindle will reverse direction full speed (3500rpm).  it won't toggle off. 

I'm sure it's something simple, i just haven't been able to figure it out.  Any help appreciated!

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