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General Mach Discussion / Gross loss of position
« on: October 13, 2008, 06:08:35 PM »
My setup: A older Torchmate 1 machine, converted to use Keling 495 oz/in (X&Y) and 156 oz/in (Z) motors all hooked to Keling 6050 drivers. I also have a THC-300 height controller and a Powermax 1000. Using Sheetcam for G-code generation and Mach3 to run it all.

The problem: Gross loss of position after a M05 command only when actually cutting. It seems like the rapid to the next torch start never actually moves when commanded to do so. This does not occur after every M05 (see pictures below). With a marker taped to the torch, it "cuts" fine every time. The amount deviated can be quite a bit, I measured ~.5" +Y and ~3" -X direction on one part. I thought interference might be causing the problem, so I separated the torch and motor cables, same thing. This problem occurs when using the THC or when not using it.

If anyone could shed some light into this issue, I would really appreciate it. I've been pulling my hair out for the past two days trying to resolve this issue.

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