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General Mach Discussion / Mach3 losing steps
« on: October 05, 2010, 01:41:05 PM »
Hi all.  We recently upgraded one of our plasma cutters to Mach3 from Mach2.  After doing so, we noticed that the x and y axes would lose steps.  In other words, if I was to zero the torch, drive around the table for a few minutes, and return to zero, the torch would be 3/16" away from zero in both directions (both negative x and negative y).  After trying to change every setting imaginable within Mach3, and swapping drives around, etc, I reinstalled Mach2.  Now the torch goes back to zero as it should.  Does anyone have any idea what would cause Mach3 to "lose" steps on the same setup that works perfectly with Mach2?


General Mach Discussion / Offset for multiple heads
« on: September 11, 2010, 01:16:34 AM »
Hi.  I have searched this forum and couldn't find an answer to this question.  So, I thought I would start a new topic.  I have two CNC plasma tables with a plasma head and a marking punch.  The marking punch on one table is 6 inches in the x direction, and 1 inch in the y direction away from the plasma torch tip.  On the other table, the punch is 4 inches in the x and 2 inches in the y direction away from the torch tip.  I use SheetCAM to generate the G-code for these two machines.  Since I would like the Gcode to be used on both machines, I don't want to use the SheetCAM post processor to offset the tool for me (I would have to create twice as many Gcode files).  What I would like to be able to do is have Mach3 offset somehow when each tool is selected.  In other words, I would zero out each axis before I start a cut, and when the punch tool is selected by the Gcode, Mach3 would offset the coordinates so that the punch would be striking in the correct location.  Does anyone know what the best method to do this would be?


G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / G41/G42 causing erratic behavior
« on: July 21, 2007, 05:39:01 PM »
Hi all.  I am having a lot of trouble with the G41/G42 cutter compensation on my plasma cutter.  The kerf on the plasma cutter is 0.060", and I have it set up as tool number 1.  When I enable G42, the cutter starts out ok, but goes all haywire when it reaches the circular interpolation portion of the "R" in the part.  I just updated to the newest lockdown version of Mach3 thinking that would help, but it didn't.  Can anyone offer any insight into why this might be happening?  Here is the G-code for the part I am trying to cut out (the M1 commands are in there because I am manually starting and stopping the torch right now).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks all!


N20  G90 G80 G40 G90.1
N270 G0  X3.1177  Y1.4374
N35  G42 P0.06

N280 M1 (Plasma On)
N285 F1.00
N290 X3.0364  Y1.3561  F100.00
N295 G2  X2.8401  Y1.4374  I2.9551  J1.4374  F50.06
N300 G1  Y2.5208  F100.00
N305 X3.2345
N310 G2  X3.7721  Y2.4890  I3.3569  J0.0322
N315 X4.0051  Y2.3316  I3.6880  J2.1133  F50.19
N320 X4.0947  Y1.9316  I3.3227  J1.9687  F50.39
N325 X4.0301  Y1.5918  I3.5641  J1.8564  F50.27
N330 X3.9311  Y1.5216  I3.7683  J1.8561  F50.19
N335 G3  X3.9276  Y1.4386  I3.9518  J1.4791  F50.02
N340 G2  X4.0032  Y1.3767  I3.7589  J1.1554  F50.16
N345 X4.0775  Y1.2447  I3.7020  J1.1204  F50.20
N350 X4.0947  Y0.9302  I2.0620  J0.9766  F100.00
N355 G1  X4.0947  Y0.3540
N360 X3.5700
N365 Y1.0716
N370 G3  X3.5415  Y1.2919  I3.1676  J1.1314  F50.20
N375 X3.4087  Y1.3347  I3.4271  J1.1646  F50.09
N380 G1  X3.4087  Y1.6771  F100.00
N385 G3  X3.5312  Y1.7019  I3.4306  J1.8840  F50.10
N390 X3.5701  Y1.8137  I3.3135  J1.8404  F50.13
N395 G1  X3.5700  Y1.9840  F100.00
N400 G3  X3.5358  Y2.1233  I3.3996  J2.0160  F50.09
N405 X3.4103  Y2.1559  I3.4241  J1.9516  F50.10
N410 G1  X3.3159  Y2.1559  F100.00
N415 Y0.3540
N420 X2.8401
N425 Y1.4374
N430 G2  X3.0364  Y1.5187  I2.9551  J1.4374  F50.06
N435 G1  X3.1177  Y1.4374  F100.00
N440 M1 (Plasma Off)
N630 G0  X6.2089  Y1.4780
N640 M1 (Plasma On)
N645 F1.00
N650 X6.1276  Y1.3967  F100.00
N655 G2  X5.9313  Y1.4780  I6.0463  J1.4780  F50.06
N660 G1  Y2.8748  F100.00
N665 X0.0000
N670 Y0.0000
N675 X5.9313
N680 Y1.4780
N685 G2  X6.1276  Y1.5594  I6.0463  J1.4780  F50.06
N690 G1  X6.2089  Y1.4780  F100.00
N695 M1 (Plasma Off)
N705 M5 M9
N710 G40 G80


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