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General Mach Discussion / Ref Z axis & The Y axis moves Also!!
« on: February 19, 2011, 11:15:17 PM »
Okay this is driving me crazy.  I do not have home switches on the X or Y axis, I only have a home switch on the Z axis.
But when I "ref all" the Z-axis Homes correctly but the Y axis moves .002".
This is the steps I have followed:
The mill is a Bridgeport Boss 5 converted to Mach3 Control, it has mechanical counters on the X and Y axis.
I jog the table to some position which I can read on the mechanical counters, say 6.000" Y axis and 9.000" X axis (this is the middle of the table), I then zero all the DRO's.  Then I switch to Mach Coordinates and click Ref All, the Z-axis moves as expected and zeroes but what is interesting is that the Y axis number changes and then zeroes the mach dro.  If I look at the mechanical counters the Y axis has moved .002" this is also verified by the Part DRO for the Y axis reads .002.  So it seems Mach is telling the Y to move even though it should not be.
If I hit ref all again only Z moves.
If I move the Y axis then ref all it moves .002" again.
Under Config Home/Limits X and Y are disabled.
If I go to the diagnostic page and click on Ref X it does not move as expected
If I click on Ref Y it moves the axis .002"
If I click on Ref Z it homes as expected and neither X or Y move.
So it seems for some reason Mach is commanding the Y axis to move even though it should not be.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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