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I moved to a new computer, same operating system.  Moved my files over from the old one.  The newer one did not have a motherboard parallel port so I installed one.  It has a part number of 4018T on it and I think it is capable of two ports.  I only need one.  Anyway can't seem to get Mach dro's to do anything.  I am going to add some screen shots in case you know it won't work this way.  If I open properties in the ports tab I don't get a resources tab.  So I looked under the Multifunction Adapter one. Get me started in the right direction.

General Mach Discussion / Mach3 can't jog
« on: December 25, 2006, 11:58:04 AM »
Ok, I decided to upgrade to mach3 from mach1 which is on my Shoptask machine.  I can't seem to jog around to begin using it.  I hit reset and the jog on/off button but still no go.  Mach1 works just fine.  What am I missing?
The reason I am upgrading is I purchased a 48"x48" router this summer using Flashcut system.  Works pretty well.  But I upgraded my controller to a Camtronics 4axis system and I thinkg mach3 will do a better job with this.  Since I already use mach1 on my shoptask, I thought I might as well learn mach3 for both machines and get rid of the Flashcut.

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