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I want to use Mach 3 mill to feed one axis, and rotate an indexer on a vertical shaper. I have a Sherline on Mach3 and can do some simple G code. In the shaper conversion I need to stop the X axis feed until the tool is clear of the part. I only know how to use M6, tool change, to freeze the G code. I could put an axillary switch to the mouse and position the cursor on the screen program start button, but this is clumsy. The G code would go something like this G1X(feed distance from current position)M6 G1X(feed distance from current position) When the tool has taken a cut and is on the way up with the tool clear of the part, the switch would activate start and the G code would perform the next move, and freeze when it comes to M6. This would continue until desired depth of slot was cut, a time out to allow finish strokes, then G0 to X position clear of the work diameter. The other axis would then index the part and the same feed program would repeat. I have a quote for Gecko drive hardware using a MB-02V6 breakout board. It has home switch, limit switch, spindle index switch, tool height switch and an external enable switch. It would be nice to be able to use one of these inputs to trigger a program start mimicking the mouse. Also it would be nice to have a "program complete" output to turn off the shaper motor. There is a possibility of a consulting fee for help. I have pictures and details I can email. Melbournekent,

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