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General Mach Discussion / Need advice for retrofit of millrite
« on: September 15, 2008, 05:32:14 PM »
I have done most of my homework; got all software except MACH3, have a dedicated PC with dual flat panel monitors and decent videocard, found the 3 axis packages I want, designed the motormounts in solidworks, checked backlash (X = .029", Y = .022, Z = .015), found the timing gears and belts I need, now I just can't decide between the 1200 oz in steppers or the 1125 oz in servo motors. It is $250 more for the servos and from the info I have come across there is no clear answer to this. This machine would be for home use only making all different kinds of things from woods, plastics, to stainless and aluminum. I am ready to buy the kt I just can't figure which would be better. The millrite has an 8" x 32" table, weighs around 1200 lbs, has 7/8" 5TPI acmes, and is rock solid. HELP

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