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OK, I have a custom 4-Axes CNC for guitar building.  It is made from extruded aluminum and uses a Bosch Colt.   I will be cutting exotic hardwoods.

1.)  I have tested the G-Code and started to make my first cuts.   Mach3 defaults to 1.5 in the feed rate.  What does the 1.5 represent?  I hear people talk about 60 to 120 "ipm" for feed rates.  Does that mean I change the 1.5 to read 60?   Does that 1.5 Mach3 default represent the "inches per minute"? 

What are conservative/safe feed rates for cutting hardwoods with a 4-flute 1/4" end mill at about 25,000 rpm????   

2.) Also, I think I understand the setting for zero, but when I want the tool to "return" it doesnt.   What can I be doing wrong?  How can I set it so it is saved forever?

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