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Now that I have a bit of time under my belt with Mach3 I made the decision to employ a Logitech Dual Action Game Controller and was successful with mapping the controller with the functionality desired using KeyGrabber.  That's the good part...!  Emboldened... I began to play with MachScreen to simplify the 1024 Page 1 screen.  So... I created my simplified screen by heavily modifying Page 1 of the 1024 screenset.  This was also a success on first blush... the screen worked well however... when I attempted to employ the game controllers D-pad which I have mapped to the keyboards Left,Right, Up & Down arrow keys and buttons 4 & 2, which I have mapped to the keyboards Page Up & Page Down keys... they are non-functioning.  Even the keyboard's Left,Right, Up & Down arrow keys and Page Up & Page Down keys do not work...!  Everything else works fine on the keyboard & game controller. 

Going back to the standard 1024 screenset re-enables the keyboard's & game controllers FULL functionality.  So here's the question... it is obvious that SOMETHING having to do with the keyboard's Left,Right, Up & Down arrow keys and Page Up & Page Down keys has NOT been carried into my modified simplified Page 1 screen.  After several frustrating hours attempting to suss out a remedy... I've no idea how to go about troubleshooting this.

I hope I've given sufficient info on the problem... ANY ideas what I might do to reenable these nonfunctioning keys and get them back to working on my simplified screen...???


General Mach Discussion / Older Xbox controller VS an Xbox 360 controller
« on: September 26, 2010, 02:27:33 PM »
I was given a working Xbox corded controller and I'm wondering if there is a functional difference between this older gaming controller and the Xbox 360 with regards to usage as a pendant...?  I do notice right off that it has a round plug with an interior blade centered within... not USB...???

Can this be made to work with Mach3...??? OR am I looking at something that has less utility than a paperweight...?


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