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Hi Guys.

I'm toying with an idea for quite some time now.. i'm sure that im not the first but i really like to know what to expect..

I'd like to know if its possible  to make for exemple a milling machine with steppermotors and connect some encoders to the shafts of the steppers. Then if I connect the encoders to mach3 will mach be able to adjust any loss of steps? or does mach only show the coordinates in a DRO and leaves the loss of steps as they are?

Up til now I havent found someone who could tell me how mach3 reacts to encoders and resolves faults like loss of steps..



General Mach Discussion / toggle software limits Mach turn
« on: February 21, 2009, 03:01:35 PM »
Hi all..

I was wondering how i can toggle the software limits on in mach turn..

In mach3 mill there is a button  in the screen on whitch you can toggle the softlimits on and off..

I like the softlimits turned on... I dont like that mach gives an estop every time i hit one of the switches...
I like it to work just as my mill when i hit the SOFTWARE LIMIT  it just stops and you can easyli jog away from that point without having to push the reset button...

WHere can I activate this function? or how do I make the button visible in mach turn..? (btw... i have the latest mach version)


General Mach Discussion / toggle spindle CW/CCW
« on: February 18, 2009, 03:06:05 PM »
Hi everybody..

Whell I'm busy  retrofitting an emco compact5 cnc.

The retrofit is going fine but i like to add a feature which I have problems with..

I fitted a new 3-phase motor on my lathe and I'm controlling it with an inverter...

I also added 2 MPG handwheels (which I connected to a second lpt)

The next thing i would like  add is a spindle controll switch... the meaning for the 2 MPG handwheels is that I also can turn manually..
I'd like to enter a spindle speed and use a 3-position switch for controlling the spindle on.. Fwd or revers.. or in the middle off.

The problem is that I cant find the oem-codes for those functions...  How i like it to work is  to turn the switch in  a position.. and the spindle turns fwd.. turn it t the middle and the spindle stops.... turn it one klick further and the spindle turns rev.

I found  an oem code to toggle the spindle rev but is there any possibuility to controll it  like I described?

Many thanks for any reply's ;D

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