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FAQs / Setup Problems
« on: August 23, 2008, 02:06:41 AM »
I have went through everything in the setup videos and for mach3 and read on the forums, tried many motor tuning as suggested in the forums and I am still having a problem. The issue is that after setup, when I enter in shuttle mode to go .100 that's fine in +/- of 0.000. but any thing past that, It starts adding .002 to .004 for every .100!? my .001 inch moves are only about .0001 and anything over .100 well Who Knows(one of those Mind Of It's Own things). I have the nema34 steppers 425, xylotex board. Everything I run in mach3 without the steppers on does just fine . good example, I bored a hole a depth of 1.23, Nope it thought 1.85 is where it wanted to go and Did. Any help on this issue would of great thanks.
   Thanks Sam

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