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Hello all,

  Anyone have any experience with BobCAD/CAM V21? Especially the CAM aspect of this package? Even older versions.

  I am considering purchasing this package for the CAM aspect alone, as I have Autodesk Inventor and use it for solid modeling all my parts now and probably won't change. I do need a fully functional CAM outfit that can atleast offer 3 axis code and position a 4th axis without my having to manually add most of the details.

  They are hard sale types that's for sure, but the only comparably priced packages I've seen are VCarve and some others that do not have 4th axis ability (as far as their phone staff has told me). the BobCAD folks are willing to make me a deal at the moment, but a deal on something that won't save me work is not a deal (if that is the case).

  Would appreciate your feedback...What works for you without spending 4 hours cleaning up posts or making the posts yourself anyway. I kind of get the impression that BobCAD doesn't really have any canned cycles built into it, but that a person that is savvy with creating the macro programming can build the scripting into BobCAD to create posts with G12/13's and G81's and so on....

John B.  ???

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