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Mach SDK plugin questions and answers. / XBox360 plugin new info
« on: September 04, 2015, 05:33:49 PM »

1. There will shortly appear a new version 2.4.1 on the plugin page.  It includes only one change.  I hard coded a MadCatz controller for a user so that the plugin would retain the ProductId and VendorId between sessions if the controller was unplugged and then plugged back in later.  Most folks won't need this verison.

2. If you are trying to run Mach 3 on Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 10 64 bit, the plugin will give you an error.  You can fix it by downloading


This is listed as XBox 360 Accessories Software 1.2. There is no choice for Windows 10. You have to pick the Windows 7 64 bit option.  It will let you download the file XBOX360_64ENG.Exe.

3. I will shortly be working on porting the plugin to Mach 4.  Please be patient.


A new version of the XBox 360 Controller plugin is available.  This version contains one change from the previous version.  Previously, if the controller was moving an axis and the controlller became disconnected, Mach would continue moving the axis.  This has been corrected.  Now all movement started by the controller will stop as soon as the controller looses connection.

Thank you

A new version of the XBox360 Controller plugin is available.  It adds the following:
1. A safety switch option is available on the Config Page
2. A brief rumble when using the "Lock/Unlock" controller button option
3. Support for non Microsoft controllers has been moved from being hard coded to the Config Page.  Now, you enter the ProductId and VendorID



A new version (2.3.3) is available from the Artsoft plugins page and includes a number of changes.

1. The thumbsticks can now work as Cont Jog or as Inc Jog.  Previously they would always be in
the Cont mode regardless of the state of the Jog in Mach.  The thumbsticks can be placed in the
Inc Jog mode by one of 2 ways:

a. putting Mach in the Inc Mode by using the keyboard, mouse or using the "Jog Mode Inc/Cont"
option.  Both thumbsticks go into Inc mode.

b. pressing the thumbstick inward.  This will shift the 2 axes for that thumbstick only into and
out of Inc Jog.

2. The Option "Jog Mode Inc/Cont/MPG" has been changed.  It now says "Jog Mode Inc/Cont" and it
toggles Mach between Inc and Cont Jog modes.

3. The 2nd box down on the left side of the config Window was named "Custom Macro 1". It should
have said "Custom Macro 2". This has been changed.

4. Support for B and C axes has been improved.

Hopefully you will find it useful



A new version of my XBox360 Controller plugin is available under downloads.  It is version 2.32.

Changes from previous version:

1. Jogging speed now more closely matches the keyboard at all motor tuning settings and different kernel speeds.  Previously, depending on your kernel speed setting and your motor velocity, it might be considerably slower than the keyboard.  Now it should be about 90% to 95% as fast as the keyboard at all settings.

2. I have renamed 2 of the button choices from :
     Run File renamed to Cycle Start
     Pause renamed to Feedhold.

This was primarily for my benifit to help me match it to the screens I am using.  One less mental translation to make.

Hopefully, you will find it useful.


The following is a general explanation for those who have basic questions about the XBox360 Controller.  If you are considering the XBox360 Controller plugin, hopefully, you will find this information useful.

Answers to questions I received:
1.       Microsoft makes an “Xbox360 Controller for Windows” as well as a plain Xbox360 controller.  They also make a wireless version.  They are really the same controller.  The difference is the adapters they ship with the product.  The Xbox360 controller for Windows comes with a USB adapter.  I have included some EBay pictures below.  You want to get a Microsoft brand not a Logitech or anybody else’s version.
2.       If you have an Xbox 360 you can use the wireless controller but you need to buy the little rectangular transmitter shown in the wireless pictures below.  You can find those on Ebay also.  Microsoft makes a Wireless Charger for the Xbox 360 controller.  It has a USB end.  You do not want to use that one on a pc.   It is only for use on the Xbox 360.  You cannot use an older Xbox controller.  It has to be 360.
3.       It will work off of any pc that has a USB port and can run XP or higher.
4.       It can control the jogging of all 4 axes.  The buttons can be assigned to macros.  It is a lot easier than pushing the buttons on the keyboard to jog.
5.       If you go to the Mach site and pick ”Plugins” under the “Downloads” choice.  Then go to the bottom and pick the plugin.  Also pick the setup guide.  It will give you all the info you need.  Click on the plugin and it will install itself.  All it really does is copy a file “Xbox360Controller.DLL” into the C:\Mach3\Plugins folder.  You can do the same thing by going to Lee’s files and downloading the Zip file and then unzipping it and then copying it into C:\Mach3\Plugins.
6.        Click on the blue “DirectX redistributables” link to go to Microsoft’s site.  Download and install the redistributable (even if you are running Vista or Win 7). After installing the download, you can connect the Xbox360 controller (if you are connected to the Internet) and then allow the pc to go on the net and find the driver.  If you are not connected to the net then download the “Xbox360_32Eng.exe” file and run it.  Then connect the Controller.
7.       It does not hurt to install the “DirectX redistributable” even if you do not have a 360 controller.

Thank you.

Since the original topic was getting quite long, I added this one as a new topic.  A new version 2.2 of the plugin is available.  It includes the following:
1. Ability to disable diagonal movement of the axes when using the thumbstick.  I have found this to be needed for those times when I only want to move 1 axis and I accidentally move the thumbstick slightly diagonally.
2. Change to the RefAll Home option (button choice) to allow it to work with the Smooth Stepper.
3. Added support for HID 0x0291. This was added at the request of a user who wanted to use the rf module from a broken XBox360 as the wireless transmitter/Receiver.  Here is his solution (in Spanish):


If you use the standard "360 wireless controller for Windows ", it comes with a wireless transmitter/receiver and Windows will use the HID of the Transmitter/Receiver rather than the HID of the Controller.  If you use some other wireless transmitter/receiver it may not have an HID.  Then Windows will see the Wireless Controller directly as though it were attached directly to the pc.  In this case, Windows will use the HID of the Wireless Controller rather than the Receiver/Transmitter.  So, if you make your own wireless transmitter/receiver as this person did, then this version should help you.

Thank you and enjoy,


A new version (2.0) has been posted and includes a number of fixes and improvements.  Note the message on the Mach Plugin page next to my plugin about XINPUT1_3.DLL.

The new version includes such things as:

1. Control up to 4 axes at the same time.
2. Incremental jog for 2 axes.
3. Jog variable speed override using the triggers.
4. Additional programmable functions for the buttons.
5. Low battery warning for wireless controllers.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I have written a new plugin that uses the XBox360 controller.  I wrote it because I wanted to control the X, Y and Z axis of my mill without having to drag the keyboard around. It is located on the Plugins page of the Artsoft site down near the bottom. Hopefully, you will find it useful.

Lee D.

General Mach Discussion / Jogging A axis at .0001 problem
« on: January 21, 2007, 02:15:54 AM »
I am using version 2.00.037 and have noticed the following problem (also existed in previous version). If I set Jog Mode to Step and increment to .001 jogging works fine on X,Y,Z and A axis. If I set it to .0001 then X,Y and Z work fine but A does not. Sometimes it will move the motor and DRO 1 or 2 increments and then die and sometimes it just will not work at all. In General Config A-Axis is Angular is checked, Rot 360 rollover is not checked. Kernel speed is set for 25000. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the A Axis to work properly? It is feeding a stepper on a rotary table. Also, does anyone know the format code (for Screen 4) to get the A Axis DRO to display angle degrees instead of .*********X? I think that I just need to move the decimal over 2 places.

Thanks :)

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