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General Mach Discussion / Rotary axis help
« on: January 03, 2010, 07:52:12 PM »
I have configured A axis of my router as rotary axis.
This is make shift arrangement, I use separate XML for mill and Indexer. When using mill I disconnect rotary stepper and remove rotary arrangement from surface of router.
I am about to use this setting.
My question is if I disconnect rotary stepper while using mill, will it harm gecko in some way (heat/power draw/fuse blow), while gecko is still connected to power side in control box ? Or do I have to disconnect power also ?

General Mach Discussion / Mainboard in CNC router control box
« on: September 18, 2008, 02:01:34 AM »

    I am new here and just finished my CNC router. This is working fine. However I have a question.
I have 4 Gecko G203V mounted on Alu plate, which is connected to 70 V power supply capacitor ground (neutral). Alu plate is mounted on control box enclosure, which is also connected to Mains Earth. This Earth is also connected to machine.
The BOB (C11G) is isolated in enclosure and only connected to PC trough parallel cable. The Earth of power supply of PC is also connected to mains Earth. All stepper power cables are sheilded and shielding tied up at one end on Alu plate and signal cable shieldings tied at BOB end only.

My question is can I place computer mainboard, Hard disk and SMPS in control box enclosure. Is there any grounding issue?
The enclosure is large enough to accomodate all these and a screen between MB and other items may also be provide.
I think I didn't made it complicated.
Thanks in advance.

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