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VB and the development of wizards / Boxford ATC
« on: July 29, 2008, 09:29:54 AM »
My first post (typed for the second time! arrrg!)

I've just converted my Boxford 240TCL along with its' 8 position rotary ATC.
To drive this I've had to create (using macros found here as a base) some macros.

The Boxford ATC uses a stepper motor to drive the changer round, past a latch. The stepper then reverses to lock against the latch.
I've used the Y axis to drive this, set up at 20 steps per mm- which works out at 1 degree. So, each position requires a move of 45. This is done in incremental mode, as you lose steps when the stepper stalls against the latch.

So, set up your machine home position- somewhere safe where nothing expensive or painfull will happen when you change a tool!
Next, run macro M2000. This allows you to jog the atc forward, past the latch, reverse it on to the latch, as finally tell the current tool DRO, and DRO(1200) which tool you're currently at.
Make sure you have an entry in the tool table for every position in your ATC- otherwise you won't be able to select it and odd things will happen.
While you're there, ensure that the tool offsets are setup, as the new tool you select will return back to the workpiece at the same position it was before the ATC call.

The M6 macro will now allow you to select any tool. Just use eg. T0606 in your Gcode.

Hope this helps, even just as a base for your own macros. I'll be tweaking this so check back soon.

Take out the 'andy' from the attached files- it's the only way I could get them to upload! and remember to take a copy of your originals first.

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