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I had the machine configured and everything seemed like it was working just fine. The G540 was bought from Automation Technology Inc (March 2012) just before the rev 8 came out and Mariss said it was a Rev5 that I have. I had it sitting in my cabinet since then and only got it hooked up last week. I am running WinXP sp2 like I do on all my other machines with no issue. The problem occurs when I 1st start up Mach (Latest version) when the power has been off for a while. If I unplug the DB25 while start up, Mach never crashes, I can then plug in the db25 and take it out of Estop and it works just fine. If I have the db25 plugged in while powering up the computer and then start up mach I can't get it out of Estop and almost every time the computer crashes. I thought the PC might be the Issue. The port is configured properly in the Bios. I tried 2 other different brand PCs and same crap. I even tried older versions of Mach and no luck either. All the PCs are 2ghz+ and I have run the driver test it says it's excellent. Usually if I restart the PC again with everything plugged in and powered up it works the 2nd time around. I'm at my wits end with this. All my previous experiences when running stepper motors with Mach 3 have been with cheap China drivers and breakout boards. I bought the G540 as everyone kept telling me it's WAAAAY better than the china stuff I've been buying. I really beg to differ. I tried it with and without the charge pump and no luck. I've never had an issue with the cheap stuff ever it just worked from the start and keeps working. I'm hoping the g540 is not faulty and someone can suggest something that I might be just doing wrong. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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General Mach Discussion / PLEASE HELP E STOP ISSUES!
« on: July 10, 2008, 04:51:26 PM »
Recently my ASUS motherboard decided to start acting up and I had to replace the motherboard with a new one. The system would just restart at any point. I setup the new system on a new Harddrive because the old motherboard is still on warrenty and will be replaced so I didn't want to format the old drive. Anyhow I reinstalled the latest version of Mach on the new drive. I am using the C11 multifunction breakout board from CNC4PC. The guy who did the retrofit for me, said if ever I had to replace the computer, all I had to do was Copy the mach3mill.XML file and all my parameters would remain the same. He's on vacation right now so I can't ask him. After overwriting the stock XML file, the parameters that I remembered are still there even my last fixture ofset is correct. The Problem is I can't get it off ESTOP. It says external ESTOP requested. There is a check mark on the active low input and I tried to toggle it but it still didn't make any difference. Do you guys have any idea what could be causing this issue?


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