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General Mach Discussion / confused newbie
« on: October 30, 2006, 01:12:40 PM »
I'm confused...........again.  My native units are set to mm, but my dro's and feed rates etc are displaying in inches??  I have a safety zone set up in my program of 50mm.  When the program starts and tries to go to the safe height on the z it travels much more than 50mm and like I said it looks like the dro's are counting in inches???  What did I do wrong here? :-[

Sorry for the stupid question.  When I did the initial set up I set it to mm.  When I was configuring the soft limits and entering the table dimensions it was huge!!  I double checked the native units and sure enough it was in inches so my table was massive when I entered metric values for table dimensions.  I switched it back to mm, and re-started mach.  I then re-set the table dimensions in soft limits, and again re-started mach.  It now says native unit are mm.  I double checked with a dial indicator and sure enough the value on the dro is in inches.

Please help.

General Mach Discussion / Post error
« on: October 17, 2006, 12:04:01 PM »
Hello I need some assistance.  I'd call myself a newbie, but I'm way before newbie, clueless maybe??  I've JUST started with cnc milling and mach 3.  I'm using mastercam to draw and tool path parts.  I found a post using the search feature for mastercam (and figured out how to select it if you read my earlier clueless post).  So now I'm trying to post an MC9 file to mach 3 with this post just to see it in mach, and play a bit.  I'm a ways away from any cutting but I need to start somewhere.  When I try to post, I save it as a nci file and I get an error stating:

illegal character $ on left side of equation.
post line 127
program halted due to error(s) in .pst

The post is the BOSS MACH3.  I'm sorry if this question is completely trivial, but I fear I will have many questions that are beneath your guys's experience. :-[

PS this is the first time i've tried to post anyhting.  I've been designing parts with Mcam and having them machined at a shop untill now.  I would like to make the one off's and then have the shop do any production runs.

Thanks in advance


General Mach Discussion / licensing mach3
« on: October 15, 2006, 04:36:24 PM »
Hello, all.  I am brand new to this control, and cnc maching.  I have installed the trail version (R184) and have received my license.  I used the search, and viewed the FAQ but am still having trouble with licensing.  When I try to put my license document into the same folder as mach3.exe, I do not have that file name.  It is listed as Mach3 only and nothing changes in the help about Mach1 engine screen.  I have MANY questions, but I need to start here.

Suggestions??  Please direct me if this has been covered, and sorry for the newbie question, but I fear I will have many more. :-[

Thanks in advance.


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