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General Mach Discussion / Mach3 backlash speed question
« on: October 11, 2019, 09:45:24 AM »
My mill has about .005" backlash with ballscrews. Backlash comp works good and my round pockets and bosses are within .003 in diameter. But I noticed when I change direction at .001" increments, the little bump from backlash comp moves the table about .002 - .003" past the .001 I clicked. It's in a dead zone for a few thousands, then catches up. I think this is caused by the inertia of the table.

I have the speed set to 50%. If I lower the speed %, will it help to tame this overshoot?  How slow is too slow?


In the past Mach had been very stable for me, but I'm seeing some weird behavior I can't explain.  It's the same computer as before, and I'm using the current lock-down version.
Here's what it had done lately.
I was using Mach to run a program and my spindle didn't turn on when the S word should have triggered it.  The machine drove the bit into the work. I repeated this several times. I restarted Mach and had the same result.  I shut down the computer and restarted it, and then Mach worked perfectly.

Last night I was running a simple drill program. I homed the machine setup the cut, and hit cycle start. I got a soft limit warning.  This was odd, as I was nowhere near the limits of the machine.  I looked at the part origin I had set moments before, and the origin had moved in Mach.  So I re-homed the machine went through the entire cut setup procedure, and it Mach did it again.  I restarted Mach, went through the same procedure, and Mach did the exact same weird thing.  I then shut the computer down, restarted it, went through the exact same setup procedure, and then it worked perfectly.

Has anyone else seen this kind of strange behavior?

I threatened to change to Centroid Acorn, and I think the Mach Gods are pissed at me. (I really don't want to spend another $465 and learn another system.)

This was the latest program:
N5 G70
N10 T6 M06
N15 S2500 M03
N20 G1 G43 X-.7287 Y-.4185 Z.875 F50. H6 M08
N25 G99 G81 Z.5 R.8027 F1.5
N30 G80
N35 G1 X-.7287 Y-.4185 Z.85 F50.
N40 G99 G81 Z.5 R.85 F1.5
N45 G80
N50 G1 X-.5811 Y.4185 Z.85 F50.
N55 G99 G81 Z.5 R.8027 F1.5
N60 G80
N65 G1 X-.5811 Y.4185 Z.875 F50.
N70 M09
N75 M05

General Mach Discussion / Turn, OD Taper wizard question
« on: June 11, 2018, 09:34:09 PM »
Is there a way to get the OD Taper wizard to cut a taper where the larger diameter is on the end of the part? (The tailstock end) I can only seem to make tapers with the small end on the tailstock side of the part.


I have built a lathe and I'm having trouble with threading.
My system is very basic. XP Mach3 .062, CNC4PC C10 BOB, C3 Index board and optical sensor, C6 spindle Control board. My disc has a slot that is 1-1/2" wide.  I have tried different widths from 1/2" up to 1-1/2" with no real improvement. I use NEMA 34 stepper motors with Leadshine Drives.
The RPM is steady to +/- 1 rpm. I have a 3/4 Hp motor driven by a VFD.
The Index signal is working as far as I can see with the diagnostics LEDs. I've tried active Hi and Low.  It's on Pin 15.
I have slowed down the motion to 50 IPM with 12 acceleration. I'm not loosing steps. I usually thread at 400 RPM or there about.
I use the simple thread wizard for the code. I have been trying to make a 3/8-16 thread.
I have tried Index Debounce settings from 0-1000.
When I select Use Spindle Feedback in Sync Mode, it makes random motions prior to each pass. Strange ZigZag motions. I'll try to attach a screenshot.
When I do not select Use Spindle Feedback in Sync Mode, the strange ZigZag motions go away, but it makes a bad thread because it's not starting from the same startpoint.
What I don't understand it why is Mach sending the ZigZag commands.

Thank you for your help!

General Mach Discussion / C3 index board not seeing slot when rpm is fast
« on: February 07, 2016, 10:42:11 AM »
Hello, I have a C3 index board with the optical sensor, a CD painted black with a single 5/16 or 8mm slot.  When I position the slot in the sensor the index led lights.  When I rotate the spindle very slowly, the index led lights.  If I rotate the spindle quickly, the led does not light up.  When using Mach, it shows an rpm that seems accurate, and stable.  But when trying to cut a thread, it doesn't work at all.  When the spindle is rotating around 200 rpm, the led won't light for many seconds, and then it will flash 2-3 times, then it's dark for a long time.

Any ideas what I should check?


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General Mach Discussion / Possible Mill for retrofit in Wichita KS
« on: January 03, 2012, 08:47:54 PM »
Don't know if this is the right forum for this.  I'm sorry if it's not.
I am in no way connected with this machine, just found it on a Gov't surplus auction site.

The controls look destroyed, but the iron may still be good. Opening bid is $150.

If you get it, let us know how it goes.


Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / NFS rectangular hole patern problem
« on: February 06, 2011, 03:55:39 PM »
Ron, I am having trouble with the rectangular hole pattern. I set the spacing to an array 2" x 2" spacing 6 holes in X and 2 in Y.  See attached picture.

Here is the code I get:
(Code by Newfangled Wizard, 2/6/2011)
(Version 2.85)
(Program Posted for Aluminum )
G0 G49 G40.1 G17
G80 G50 G90 G98 
G20 (Inch)
(***** Rectangular Hole Pattern *****)
M6 T7
M03 S1500
G00G43 H7 Z0.25
G81 X1 Y-2.75 Z-1.25 R0.15 F20
 X1.4 Y-2.75
 X1.8 Y-2.75
 X2.2 Y-2.75
 X2.6 Y-2.75
 X3 Y-2.75
 X3 Y-0.75
 X2.6 Y-0.75
 X2.2 Y-0.75
 X1.8 Y-0.75
 X1.4 Y-0.75
 X1 Y-0.75
M5 M9

The X dimensions are not right

Feature Requests / Turning on a mill
« on: August 06, 2008, 02:58:59 PM »
It would be great if Mach Turn could be used for simple small parts on my mill.   For small parts like firing pins and such.  Chuck the work into a chuck on the spindle and mount a tool holder in a vice on the table.  Could this be made to work?



General Mach Discussion / looking for manual DRO screen or plug-in
« on: July 01, 2008, 08:32:10 AM »
Hello all,
While using the demo version of Mach, I installed a screen or plug-in that gave a screen choice of a DRO with a white background with large DRO readouts.  It also had a button that started a calculator. It was ideal for using my mill in manual machining mode. 

Well, I got a better computer, reformatted the drive and didn't think to note what plugins or screens I had installed.  Now I have my machine running great, and purchased my Mach license.  Now I just need to find that modification or screen set.  Could someone point me in the right direction.


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