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I wonder what material is that?
Why the end bit does not broke?
How the hell can a machine milling in that extreme high speed?


after this I think that I am so slow......


I design and make this!
It is a logo of a friend of mine!
Hope U like it!


General Mach Discussion / Different use of Mach3 (dispensing)
« on: April 10, 2009, 05:33:32 AM »
I finally finish the doming machine project.


The machine.
Parker linear motion tables 406 &404 series
Drives 750 OEM
Motors nema 34

All from ebay.!

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Control Plunge rate & Retract rate
« on: January 14, 2009, 04:16:48 PM »
When I design a drill patern in my Cam program the G code that generate is with a general Feed-rate.
In program the  Plunge rate & Retract rate fields are inactive.
also it does not include the tool feed-rate preferences.
the code  that generates is something like that:

Any idea how to control the Plunge rate & Retract rate? ??? ??? ???
Lets say
Plunge rate 200
Retract rate 600

(PROGRAM NAME - 5X5 holes 2mm per 10mm )
(DATE=DD-MM-YY -  14-01-09  TIME=HH:MM -  23:05 )
N100 G17 G21 G90 G40 G80 G64 G49 G0 M05
N102 G8 P1
N104 G90 M05 Z0
N106 G52 X0. Y0. Z0.
N108 T12 M06
(  2. DRILL )
( TOOL - 12  DIA. OFF. - 0  LEN. - 0  DIA. - 2. )
N110 G54 G0 X-105.183 Y-23.882
N112 S0 M3
N114 G43 H0 Z60.
N116 Z5.
N118 G17 G99 G82 Z-6. R5. P300. F4000.
N120 Y-13.882
N122 Y-3.882
N124 Y6.118
N126 Y16.118
N128 X-95.183 Y-23.882
N130 Y-13.882
N132 Y-3.882
N134 Y6.118
N136 Y16.118
N138 X-85.183 Y-23.882
N140 Y-13.882
N142 Y-3.882
N144 Y6.118
N146 Y16.118
N148 X-75.183 Y-23.882
N150 Y-13.882
N152 Y-3.882
N154 Y6.118
N156 Y16.118
N158 X-65.183 Y-23.882
N160 Y-13.882
N162 Y-3.882
N164 Y6.118
N166 Y16.118
N168 G80
N170 Z60.
N172 G90 G49 M05 Z0
N174 G53 X0. Y0.
N176 G52 X0. Y0. Z0.
N178 G8 P0
N180 G17
N182 M30

thanks a lot

Works in progress / Greek Concept on mach3 user interface!
« on: January 06, 2009, 02:24:23 PM »
Hi everybody!
I've been using Mach3 for the last couple of years to drive two machines. One small router and one X,Y,Z table for dispense applications.
I've been working as a graphic designer for the last 15 years. I've been watching this thread and i really liked the approaches of many Mach3 users. So, during Xmas holidays, i made my  attempt to design my own screen. It took me 2 days working on it since i believe there are certain rules one has to follow during an interface design approach.
This specific screen is exclusively photoshop work.

My first attempt on GUI (Graphic User Interface) design was 10 years ago, when i used to design my own applications on FileMakerPro (Database program). I had to read many books having to  do with GUI and i would like to refer to some important issues that i take in mind:
1) Navigation from screen to screen, from screen to function and backwards
2) Button design
3) The number of buttons on a screen
4) The tab concept
5) Distinguishable graphic elements and distinguishable groups of them
6) The size of elements
7) Colour contrast

When i started designing the screen, the first limitation appeared to me: The invisible power behind a GUI is... habit.
If this screen is finished and other users of the program use it too, it would be wrong to change the overall design of the Mach3 screen (even though i strongly disagree with the position and the size of certain buttons, fonts, etc) since the change would cause confusion to the power user. So, i constrained myself to changes having to do with the design of the buttons, fonts, leds and colours. In other words, we actually have a different skin here.
The only new idea that is proved to be a powerful communicative media to describe precisely the meaning of speed is the analog instrument for feedrate and spindle control.
In the  feedrate control  the analog instrument (if it possible) can show the realtime speed of axis (acceleration for example)

I would appreciate your opinion. If it's worth it, i will continue to the design of the rest of Mach3 screens (MDI, Diagnostics, etc)
Is it possible for the analog instruments to operate with some flash work for example?
I don't have the slightest idea about using the Screendesigner or Screen 4.... so any help from you is more than wellcome!
I can upload the psd file on rapid share and share it with you.
All the buttons are layered in five stages (normal, over, hit, pressed, disabled)
All the DROs, MDI, buttons and leds have transparent edges so as to be background independent.
The scale DRO are missing and also some other things.... but you can get the basic design of my screen

Thanks in advance

Clik Here :

General Mach Discussion / synchronize flow rates and motor speed
« on: June 19, 2008, 02:20:13 PM »
Is that possible to synchronize flow rates of a motor driven pump and XY axis travel speed.
The viscotec claims that.

http://www.viscotec.de/pdf-dateien/Englisch/brochure-adhesives-and-sealants.pdf   (page 6) (see also page 5)

"The ViscoTec dispenser is the obvious choice when precise, fully
automatic and reliable dosing is required. This is not just because
it is suitable for all types of adhesives and sealants, but also because
quantity and speed are so simple to programme ? a feature
greatly appreciated by many users. It is so easy to adjust the
dosing quantity to the travel speed of the robot. If, for example,
the robot travels more slowly in a curve than on the straight
line, the speed of the dispenser is slowed down accordingly. Spot
dosing that can vary in quantity from spot to spot presents no
problem either."

is that possible to set-up a 4th stepper motor to do that?

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Parker OEM750 stepper and mach3
« on: February 10, 2008, 06:08:21 AM »
can you help me please?
If you see the wiring diagram (OEM750 Inputs and Outputs (page 29 from 100)
can you tell me if this drive will work with Mach 3 ??

If yes can you tell me the wiring?
thanks a lot!


Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / My Cnc project (Parker linear tables)
« on: December 01, 2007, 12:59:31 PM »
Hi! (sorry for my bad English)
I want to share with you the experience of build my CNC Table..!
Before A year ago I was Design a table made of ready bosch linear tables
( from CKK series)

The Price With alouminium profiles has reached 30.000$.
After a second though and a tax office invation to my money ( I pay about 20.000$ last year) I desided to make a more economical dreams for my CNC table.
I try the ebay.
After 3-4 months of searching and waiting I almost finish and i have allmost all the parts I need to make the dream come true.!

I choose the parker tables from the Series 406XR and 404XR for Z Axis.
(The Coca cola is to see more clear the real Size )
The cost With Shipping was:
The 2 Y Axis 800mm travel 1400$ (1999 Used) Parker XR406
The 1 X Axis 800mm travel 1200$ (2002 Used) Parker XR406
The 1 Z Axis 150mm Travel 160$ (2003 allmost new) Danaher Ds4
The 1 Z Axis 200mm Travel 180$ (2004 allmost new) Parker XR404

And A Mounting Bracket For YZ 130$


I shoot And Few details
X Axis lead 25mm

Y Axis lead 10mm

Unfortunatly Only one Axis come with Nema 34 motor mount to fit with my servo motors. So I have to order a couple for the Y Axis and One for Z axis

I have allready ordered the alluminium frames to connect the linear tables

More photos soon...!

What do you think..?

General Mach Discussion / Different use of Mach3
« on: October 23, 2006, 06:47:43 AM »
Hi! from Greece...
First of All sorry for bad My English.

I m 35 years old
Job: Art Director SonyBmg Greece

I m An expert on Graphic Arts so if you have any Q about Print, Colour theory, Photoshop, QuarkXress, Adobe Illustrator you can ask anytime....

Some links to see the Use Of My Table
I want to build A CNC machine to use it for doming decals
You can see this video: http://www.color-dec.com/doming500W.mov
Or some information Here

I want to build A XYZ machine for doming scripting
Doming Scripting
Applying a clear doming material
(urethane & epoxy) to the surface of labels, nameplates or decals for the purpose of creating a clear raised (?domed?) surface. Used to enhance and protect the appearance of these products.
Scripting: An automated doming process using XYZ motion to traverse scripted products.

I Almost finished the hydraulic part a precision metering system for two component.
I have to mix in Ratio 1:1 two parts and the mixed fluid has to be applied under (0.5 -1 bar) pressure on decals or stickers by the dispense valve.

I design a table for this job

I think to buy from http://www.lowcostcncretrofits.com the 5Axis Servo controller.
and use the mach3 to control the motion.

The Question is :
Is that possible to make this motion

Or look at the video

As you can see  The Z
Goes down then
the valve is open then
run the X Y path then
Stop the Valve then
The Z  goes up

and loop to the next path

Is that possible with mach 3

i will buy the mach 3 but only if it possible to make this kind of motion :'( :'( :'(

 sorry again for bad My English

Please if you know or you have an idea answer me...! :)

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