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Brains Development / small brain slowing spindle speed
« on: December 04, 2007, 06:12:02 PM »
I wrote a simple brain to toggle flood on and off with the key "+". It works well except when activated it slows the spindle speed down briefly which on one occasion resulted in a stall. The driving computer is a 1G windows 2000. Is this just the result of robbing time from theCPU?

Spindle feedback control does not control and keeps increasing way beyond S*********X setting. All settings the same as in older versions and QUANTUM where spindle feedback control works perfectly. It seems to me that any version of MACH 3 with the BRAIN addition has this same problem. Has anyone had this problem and found the correction? I only updated to take advantage of "BRAINS" for additional keypad control of the "FLOOD TOGGLE" which works very well.

General Mach Discussion / Screw mapping
« on: January 05, 2007, 04:54:41 PM »
As I plan on upgrading my X2 by greatly increasing both X & Y travel with leadscrews, I may need to look at mapping the screws. I have looked at the MACH 3 Screwmapping function and understand what it does but am confused on how to use it. Are there any instructions or example of screwmapping available?

General Mach Discussion / New user needing help with Encoder interface
« on: October 05, 2006, 09:34:08 AM »
Have recieved the Encoder interface from Roger's Engineering. I can not get the screen, Build 7 and the Macropump into MACH 3. I only get a partial Program run screen and large block unreadable screens for toolpath and Offsets. Where can I get instructions on how to properly install these addons?

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