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General Mach Discussion / PC Crashed Again
« on: February 13, 2010, 09:58:10 AM »
 ::) Hi Guys Not having much luck at the moment . Recently lost my CNc router PC hard drive and since then have seen another one playing up ( Driver Pulse test  erratic or saying toooooooo Slow )  stepper Motor s operate But very jerky and not what im used to seeing from my Baby :-( have got my settings loaded back as per the original machine but now on another PC and something is definietly not right ...My Option is now to invest in a new MOBO hardrive  and Ram and canibalise all the other bits to make a new CNC router PC system ...then i had a thought , with all these portable external drives around i have to ask can mach3 be run form one of these ? the reason being my workshop ( OK OK large Shed Insulated but still bloody cold at this time of year ;-) the router PC tends to live there and don't really want connect / disconnect it everytime i have to stop work for a while,  but it occured to me that if i had all my fil;es screensets etc on an external USB harddrive say, i could get the best of both worls portability/security wise... does any one know if this is (a ) allowed and (B) is it possible ....  8) if Cold is a factor in the PC dyding then will have to do iit the hard way summers almost here :-) but just a thought before i commit to the new system.. have a full license so dont mean to step out of line or invalidate it by asking thi question .

General Mach Discussion / Cannot access Motor tuning option ?
« on: February 12, 2010, 12:52:05 PM »
Sorry to be a pest i am a registered full license user but my router PC has Died and need=

 to Rebuild and start all over again ... The main problem is that on the se=

cond PC that i Have tried i cannot seem to get the Motor tunning screen to =

appear all else seems ok ?  and i  have already Reloaded MACH3 .but the problem
 is still there .. another clue is that i cant seem to Run the Pulse test P=
rogram so is there something wrong with this other PC ?? Please help want too cut Wood and Plastic :-) finally got some time to play and system wont le=
t me .. Cheer for any tips guys :-[ :-[

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