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VB and the development of wizards / Unknown Word starting with a , Block
« on: November 01, 2020, 02:02:58 PM »
Hi all

Please Help.
I get the above error while posting code generated by a Wizard Script that I am working on.
I do not get errors in the Script editor but only while posting to Mach3.

Full error Message:

Unknown Word starting with a , Block G1X [Tan[Ang / 2]]*[R*[1 - Cos[#203]]]  A#203 on line 11

Been trying all afternoon to find the problem but no luck.

A nudge in the right direction will be appreciated.


Full code to follow.

G0 G40 G54 G90 G49 G17 G50 G64 G91.1 G94
G0 Z95
G0 A0.000 X0.000  F6
M98 P01 L72
G92 X
M98 P02 L180
G1X [Tan[Ang / 2]]*[R*[1 - Cos[#203]]]  A#203

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Help with a peck drilling cycle
« on: November 27, 2015, 02:51:01 PM »
Hi all

The following code is of a bolt hole circle with a spot drill and the the peck drilling.
The Problem I am encountering is .......on the spot drill cycle all is fine rapid retracting and rapids between points.

On the peck drill cycle the rapids between the holes are not there? ??? ???  It feeds at normal feed speed.

Is there a problem with the code?

( 10. SPOT DRILL TOOL - 3 DIA. OFF. - 3 LEN. - 3 DIA. - 10.)
( 5. DRILL TOOL - 2 DIA. OFF. - 2 LEN. - 2 DIA. - 5.)

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Guys

Been doing a internal slotting wizard. A first for me. Not taking all the credit ..... the wizard has been build up from small snipets of code I took from other wizards already posted.
So far its working as planed.
One change I would like to make is to instead off completely  finishing each spline before moving on to the next one I would like to cut all splines by one increment at a time set in the wizard before advancing to the next increment  and loop spline for spline until the final depth has been reached. I think this will give me a more even spline form all round, as the tool might wear.

This is the sub I am using . I really tried to shift the code around to get it to loop like I want, but to no avail .

Code "M98 P0001 Q" & Teeth
Code "G0A0"
Code "Z" & XStart
Code "X" & RapidPlane
Code "M9"
Code "M30"
Code ""
Code ""
Code "O0001"
Nc = 1

     DEPTHPASS = StartPos + (NC*Depthper)
     If DEPTHPASS > (StartPos + Depth) Then
       Depthpass= StartPos + Depth
     End If
     Code "G0 " & Axis  & Depthpass &" F" & feedplunge 
     code "G1Z-" & Abs(Xstart + Feeddistance) & " F" & FeedCut
     Code "G0 " & Axis &  RapidPlane
     Code "Z-" & XStart   

If Nc > 3000 Then
       Code "(Out on bad loop, junk program)"
       Exit Do
     End If

Loop While   DEPTHPASS < StartPos + DEPTH
Code "G91A" & deg_move
Code "G90"
Code "M99"


Call LoadTeachFile()
End Sub
All help appreciated.



Like the topic says.....Does Mach3 have the ability to display 5 Axis tool paths?

I have converted a mill(3+2) for porting cyl heads. Tool paths are reasonably complexed .

Tested in verification software the paths show correctly but in Mach it seems like the one rotary axis are missing.

The paths is not like completely messed up but that why the question???????

Is this just a display issue in Mach 3?



Hi all

Ive just finished building a lathe from scratch.I firstly build-ed the prototype out of wood to get all the dimensions right.

Been playing with the prototype turning wax for about 6 months without any problems, vfd and all.No special attention was given to shielding cables because I have not experience any noise related problems.

Consisting of the following components:

VFD and motor (3 Phase 380 Volts)
Rutex drives (2000 series)
Cambel breakout board and speed control
Transformer pack (From 220 Volt supply to lower voltages for the electronics)

Now for the fun part.......................

After converting the wood framework to metal all hell broke loose.

As soon as the VFD starts up every thing go's berserk.
I removed the VFD and 98% off my problem disappeared. The only other noise related problem I am getting is that the Z axis jumps about a 0.5mm when the motor starts up.

I really want to fit the VFD back so I need help in shielding all cables. My electronic knowhow is very limited.

So if some one can explain how to shield the following cables.

Shielding cable to be used has a stainless weaved shield.

1. From the wall ac socket to the transformer pack.

2. From the transformer pack to the Rutex drives.

3. From the wall ac socket to the breakout board.

4. From the Rutex drives to the servos.

5. From the breakout board to the Rutex drives.

6. From the speed control to the VFD.

7. From the forward and reverse relays on the breakout board to the VFD.

8.From the VFD to the spindle motor.

9. From the drives to the encoders.

If some one can explain to me fasten the shields and where not, and do I use the shield as ground or as 0 Volts or none at all.

Pretty Please any help will be appreciated.


Forum suggestions and report forum problems. / Downloading problem
« on: August 28, 2006, 01:24:51 PM »
Hi guys

After a PC crash the forum wont allow me to download......

Any suggestions


Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / Need VB Terms explanation
« on: May 28, 2006, 04:21:25 PM »
Hi Brian

Here follow a snippet out of a Wizard..........
                              X = Fmtn(XNeg + X,4)

Can you please give me a explanation of the term ......Fmtn and what is the 4 in X,4

Thanks for your time

Hi Brian

I need some help with a couple of VB problems. I am working on a Job-Setup Wizard where you can just drop your work piece on the table without setting up ,clamp and then touch off with a probe on two spots. The Wizard will then calculate the off-set angle and write it into the currently loaded G-code File as a G68 move. In short that is what is supposed to happen. I did encounter a couple of problems though.

1. How do I load the currently loaded G code into the Wizard. Do I have to load it in by the actual file name or is there a common load procedure like.........call LoadTeachFile()

2. How do I go about appending the G-code file at the right places. When I use ......AppendTheachFile......the G68 gets Written at the end of the G-code, Art said it would be best to add the G68 after the tool change and then again cancel before the next tool change. I think this is the biggest problem to overcome.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / Proposed Job-setup Wizard
« on: April 27, 2006, 11:33:54 AM »
Hi Brian

I am working on a Job-setup wizard where you can just clamp your job on the mill table without clocking up with a dial gauge.

Instead of that I want to use a touch probe and touch of on two points(if it is a straight setup) or four points(if it is a square setup)   , then use the wizard to calculate the offset angle.

This is where I am stuck.......How do I tell Mach to adjust the machine orientation to that angle.(This is like a centroid control)

Hope you can help.


General Mach Discussion / Threading in Mach3 lathe
« on: February 19, 2006, 06:17:47 AM »
Hi all

Does anyone know of changes that has been made in mach3 in the past 2 months..... Everything used to work well for me. I have not done some threading for some time.........Now it seems to go haywire.
Current version that I use is latest release.

Except for tool change move the graphic preview looks right but the actual cutting is not correct. All other turning seems to be fine.
When I use Brian's Wizard this is what hapens....

G0 G40 G18 G80 G50 G90
G00 G53 X100 Z150                        "way off track"
M66 T0303
G00  X28
G00 Z28
G00 X27
M03 S500
G76 X25.3761 Z15 Q3 P1.5 J0.1 L45 H0.2 I29 C1 B0.05 T0                 "First cut looks fine then it starts small reverse cuts at
                                                                                                             end of the thread

Please help

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